The Key to Smooth Rides: Understanding Vehicle Alignment

Vehicle alignment plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride and prolonging the lifespan of your car’s tires. Misalignment can lead to uneven tire wear, poor handling, and decreased fuel efficiency. This blog post will delve into the importance of regular vehicle alignment checks and maintenance, the process of tire rotation, and how these practices contribute to overall car upkeep.

So, fasten your seat belt as we navigate the roads of vehicle alignment – a key, yet often overlooked, aspect of car maintenance. Continue below to get started!

Call 317-475-1846 For Vehicle Alignments in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-475-1846 For Vehicle Alignments in Indianapolis Indiana

The Importance of Routine Vehicle Alignments

Efficient and Safe Maneuvering

One of the key benefits of regular vehicle alignment check-ups is that it helps to ensure efficient and safe maneuvering. In a properly aligned vehicle, all four tires are angled correctly relative to the axles and wheels. This allows them to make contact with the road at ideal angles, improving handling and braking performance. Misalignment can cause tires to wear more quickly, reducing their lifespan and reducing fuel efficiency. It can also cause the vehicle to pull in one direction or vibrate while driving. All of these issues can be easily avoided by scheduling regular alignment checks for your car.

Tire Care

Another important component of car maintenance is tire rotation – the process of switching around an axle’s four tires at predetermined intervals (usually every 5,000 to 8,000 miles). This helps ensure even tire wear and extends the lifespan of all four tires. It is important to note that rotation should be done in a specific order since some vehicles may require a different sequence than others. Tire rotation also helps improve handling, ride quality, and fuel efficiency.

Car Maintenance Essentials

All in all, it’s clear to see that vehicle alignment and tire rotation are essential aspects of car maintenance that should not be overlooked. Regular alignment checks help ensure safe maneuvering, while proper tire rotation extends the lifespan of all four tires and improves handling. So, there you have it – the key to smooth rides! Make sure to schedule routine alignments and rotate your tires according to manufacturer’s recommendations for a smoother ride each time you hit the road. Happy motoring!

Bonus Tips for Keeping Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

In addition to scheduling regular alignment checks and tire rotations, there are a few extra tips that you can keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your car. Here they are:

Be aware of your vehicle’s service schedule. Make sure to stay up-to-date with your car’s service maintenance schedule. This will help you keep track of when it’s time for an oil change, tire rotation, or alignment check.

Change the air filter. A dirty air filter can hinder engine performance and cause poor fuel economy. Consider replacing the air filter with each oil change to ensure optimal engine performance.

Check your fluid levels. Checking your automotive fluids, such as the oil, brake, and coolant levels, is also essential for prolonging the life of your vehicle’s components. Make sure to check these fluids at least once a month or before long trips.

Look out for signs of wear. Pay attention to any subtle changes in your car’s handling or performance that may indicate it is time for an alignment check. This could include uneven tire wear, steering wheel vibration, or the vehicle pulling to one side.

Now that you are armed with a better understanding of how vehicle alignment and tire rotation play key roles in car maintenance, as well as some bonus tips for keeping your car in tip-top shape, you can hit the road with confidence. So, get out there and enjoy your smooth ride!

Make sure to keep up with scheduled alignments, tire rotations, oil changes and more for a safe and enjoyable journey every time you drive. Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for ASE licensed and trained factory scheduled maintenance and car inspections in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work on all make and model vehicles!

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Driving the Point Home: Understanding Your Vehicle’s Steering System

Understanding the intricacies of your vehicle’s steering system can be a daunting task, but it’s an essential aspect of car ownership that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re simply curious about how your vehicle responds to your every command, or you’re trying to identify a potential issue before it escalates into a costly steering system repair, this guide serves as an informative resource.

By knowing the basics of alignment and the steering mechanism, you can ensure a smoother ride, while also enhancing your vehicle’s longevity. Buckle up as we’re about to explore the fascinating world of automotive steering systems!

Call 317-475-1846 When You Need Steering System Repair in Indianapolis IN
Call 317-475-1846 When You Need Steering System Repair in Indianapolis IN

What is an Automotive Steering System?

A steering system is composed of several components that work together to translate the driver’s inputs into motion. The main parts include the steering wheel, which sends information to the rack and pinion gear assembly, tie-rod ends, ball joints, and a few other pieces. A vehicle alignment helps make sure these elements are correctly adjusted so that the vehicle moves in the intended direction.

The power steering system is the most common type of steering found on cars today. It uses an electric motor to apply additional force when needed, allowing the driver to effortlessly maneuver even heavy vehicles with minimal effort. Without this component, it would be difficult to navigate modern cars around tight corners and in congested areas.

Steering System Inspections

It’s important that drivers take regular trips to their mechanic for a steering system checkup. While it may not seem like much, an alignment can greatly reduce wear and tear on your car suspension components, as well as improve vehicular performance and fuel efficiency. Additionally, paying close attention to signs of potential issues – such as difficulty in turning or uneven tire wear – could help detect minor problems before they turn into major repairs.

Steering System Maintenance

There are a few measures you can take to keep your steering system in top shape. Avoid making sudden movements while turning and never exceed the speed limit – this is especially true for sharp turns or on rough roads. Additionally, when parking your car, be sure to engage the hand brake and turn off the engine before getting out.

What You Need to Know About Steering System Replacement

The steering system of your vehicle is essential to ensure smooth and safe driving. However, over time, it may require repair or even replacement. If you notice any issues such as stiffness or unusual sounds while turning the wheel, it may be time to have the steering system inspected. Depending on the extent of the damage, steering system repair may be possible, but in some cases, a full steering system replacement is necessary.

Although replacement may seem daunting, it is important to address the issue promptly to prevent any safety hazards. The cost of a steering system replacement may vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the type of steering system needed. However, investing in a new steering system will ultimately provide a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

In Summary

So, the next time you’re driving around town, take a moment to appreciate the steering system that enables your car to move gracefully and respond quickly to your every command. And don’t forget to keep up with regular maintenance checks – it could mean the difference between a safe and enjoyable ride or an expensive repair bill down the line!

Are you looking for a trusted Indy auto shop that can repair or replace your steering system at a price you can afford? Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for automotive repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana you can afford. We also offer auto service coupons and discounts!

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5 Reasons Why Your Car is Shaking

Cars are meant to move in all sorts of ways, but shaking, vibrating, and bobbing are not considered normal in terms of conventional automotive performance. If your vehicle is showing any signs of odd movement like shaking, it is important to diagnose the problem and resolve the issue before any more damage results.

Continue reading to learn the top 5 reasons why your car might be shaking, plus where to get dealership level automotive service and repair at neighborhood prices.

Auto Service  Indianapolis Indiana 317-475-1846
Auto Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-475-1846

Why Does Your Car Have the Shakes?

Car shaking and vibrating are not symptoms you should ever ignore. In most cases, such movements are indicative of a serious underlying mechanical problem. Other times, it can be something simple like uneven tire tread wear. Regardless of why your car is shaking, it is important that you take it into your local Indianapolis mechanic as soon as possible to diagnose and resolve the issue. The longer you wait to repair whatever it is causing your car to shake or vibrate, then the worse your vehicle’s condition will get. This means costlier and more invasive repairs.

Whether the vibrating and shaking are happening intermittently, or every single time you drive, you can help your mechanic diagnose the issue by recounting when the shaking takes place. Does your car shake when you’re in idle? Does it shake intermittently as you drive? Does your car shake when you start the vehicle but then stops shaking as you begin to drive? Do you hear any odd sounds when your car begins to shake? Have you been in an accident recently, even a minor one like running over a squirrel? This is all important information that your mechanic will need to know in order to efficiently diagnose the issue and facilitate the needed repair.

5 Common Causes for a Shaking Car

Although there are many reasons why a car might be shaking and vibrating, the top 5 reasons typically involve issues with the wheels, tires, engine, or steering and suspension system. These are the areas your mechanic will focus on first as they begin the process of deciphering the issues causing your car shakes.


As mentioned earlier, sometimes cars will begin shaking if they have low or uneven tire tread. Imbalanced tires can also cause cars to shake. You might just need routine tire service to correct the issue, such as rotation and alignment, tire inflation, or tire replacement.


If you can feel the shaking beneath your feet coming up through the floorboards, particularly at higher speeds near 50 miles an hour, the wheels could be to blame. A routine wheel balance should set you straight. However, it could be due to loosen lug nuts or broken wheel bearings, which are both easy and inexpensive to repair.

Steering and Suspension

Your steering and suspension system are responsible for keeping your car steady as you drive over rough terrain. If something is mechanically off within your steering and suspension, such as a bent axle, damaged CV joint, or faulty driveshaft, your car may begin to bounce or bobble as you drive when you reach higher speeds. Although much different from shaking and vibrating, this is still a problem that needs immediate attention.


If your car begins to shake when you are stopped in idle, it is likely due to mechanical issues within the engine. In most cases, spark plug replacement is the solution. Other than spark plugs, car shaking could be caused from dirty or clogged air filters, loose motor mounts, or disconnected spark plug wires.


Car shaking can also present itself when the car brakes are engaged. If your car begins to shake or vibrate when you press down on the brake pedal, the issue could likely be due to worn-out brake pads or warped brake rotors. If you smell a burning order when you hit the brakes, you could have a brake caliper that’s stuck. All of these issues can be resolved with the help of a licensed mechanic.

Are you looking for a qualified automotive repair shop in Indy to resolve your car shaking issue at an affordable price? Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for superior, ASE licensed auto repair and service in Indianapolis, Indiana. We service all make and model vehicles.

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How to Detect Automotive Failure With Your Ears

While driving, one might hear nothing but the purring of their car engine and the clicking of their turn signal. But there are times when a person can experience another set of noises they have never heard before; or ones that certainly startle. Such noises are not desirable, as they may portend the certainty of repairs and maintenance work ahead. But not to worry; most car noises, like thumping, crackling, grinding, and squeaking, are perfectly resolvable. The first step is to diagnose the cause of the noise or noises, and there are three very common noises that are related to a number of common repairs.

Continue reading to learn the top 3 most common car noises, how to listen for them, and what they might mean in terms of auto repair and service.

Engine Repair Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846
Engine Repair Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

Car Noises That Indicate a Problem

Metal Grinding

If you are hearing metal on metal grinding sounds coming from somewhere in your car, this could possibly be the brakes.  Brakes are made up of balanced parts, each with a particular path that allows them to harmoniously work together toward a common goal of stopping the car. If any of these parts are worn or off-set, it can create noises that sound like grinding. This means your car is probably in need of some new brake pads, or possibly even some new rotors. It is always best to have a certified technician take a look to be sure what the catalyst for the noise really is. 

Aggressive Clunking

If you are suddenly hearing a heavy thumping or clanging sound coming from your vehicle, there is no telling whether or not it’s a serious or complex repair without further investigating some areas. These sounds could be occurring for a number of reasons, such as worn out or broken joints on a drive shaft and bad shocks. On the minor side, sometimes you just have something really heavy in your trunk and you keep hitting bumps on the road. Check your trunk, and if it turns out that’s not the issue, contact an auto repair shop to investigate further for you.

Whistling Engine Noise

This is not like the whistle of a train or trolley, but more like a hissing sound seeping out of your engine.  Sometimes this sound is followed by heavy steam coming from the engine and can even last after the car is turned off. The root of the whistling can be a variety of reasons, from cooling system leaks to overheated engines. Again, it is best to check with a professional to diagnose the issue accurately.  You do not want to risk a faulty repair job on your only means of transportation!

Concerned about the noises and sounds coming from your car or truck? Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for engine repair and scheduled car maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana you can afford. We also offer auto service coupons and discounts!

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Indianapolis Auto Repair Service
Indianapolis Auto Repair Service 317-475-1846

Have Your Car Suspension Inspected If These Facts are True About You

Suspensions are vital components in a vehicle and require a certain degree of attention when the time calls. Worn suspensions can cause several of other problems in a vehicle, including tires, alignment, engine, and more. That is why they are something you want to catch his early as possible in order to reduce the amount of damage, as well as the total cost for repair.

Continue reading to learn when you should have your car suspension checked.

Indianapolis Car Suspension Inspection and Repair
Indianapolis Car Suspension Inspection and Repair 317-475-1846

When to Schedule Vehicle Suspension Inspection and Service

Signs that your suspension is in trouble and needs some attention include bouncing, uneven steering, difficulty steering, knocking noises, banging noises, screeching noises, and other strange occurrences you haven’t experienced while driving your vehicle any other time. Aside from detecting these tell-tale signs of suspension trouble, here is when you need to have your car’s suspension inspected by a trained and licensed mechanic:

If You Drive A Lot

If you are someone who commutes long distances on a daily basis, or drives often, and you have yet to have your car suspension looked at, RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to get it scheduled. In most cases, your vehicle will require alignment service to adjust its navigation and steering. This will benefit your tires in many other components of your vehicle. To test your alignment simply release your brakes slowly as he approaches stop and let go of the steering will vary slightly. If your car favors one direction over the other, you need a realignment.

If You Wrecked Your Car

After your vehicle has been involved in accident, whether something serious or a mild fender bender, it is important to have the suspension inspected. You never know what kind of damage was done on the inside in places you can’t see. Only a trained mechanic with the proper diagnostic equipment can expect your vehicle for damages and ensure that it’s ready and safe to drive.

If You’re Buying a Used Car

It is strongly encouraged to have a vehicle inspected before you purchase it from a seller. You want to make sure that all aspects of the vehicle are functional and safe. This includes the suspension. Pre-purchase inspections are common service offered by most auto repair shops at a reasonable price. Before you drive off the lot, be sure to get a pre-purchase inspection first.

Are you ready to get your car suspension service in the books? Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional scheduled car maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana. Request a free estimate, or schedule service, today.

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ASE Certified Automotive Mechanics 317-475-1846
ASE Certified Mechanics Indianapolis 317-475-1846

When to Have Your Vehicle’s Suspension Serviced

Car suspension problems should be uncovered early on to reduce the amount of damage, repair, and cost associated with the system. Worn out car suspensions can be dangerous for the driver, as well as the vehicle itself.  If you are hearing a knocking-like noise or have worn tires, then you may need to have your suspension checked out.

Continue reading to learn the top three reasons to get your car suspension system inspected, and the consequences of poor suspension maintenance.

Indianapolis Car Suspension Repair and Service
Indianapolis Car Suspension Repair and Service 317-475-1846

Get Your Suspension Checked Out if You Have…

🚘☑ Car Alignment Problems

If you cover numerous miles per week driving to and from work or anywhere else, then at some point you will need to get a realignment for your vehicle. The best way to check if you are experiencing problems with your alignment is to pay close attention to the direction the vehicle pulls. Try doing this in the safest way possible, such as slowly approaching a stop sign, and right before reaching it, lightly undo your grip from the steering wheel. If the vehicle continues in a straight path to the stop sign, then your alignment is in good shape for now; however, if it veers to the left or right, you need to have the area checked out and fixed. When you get your alignment worked on, the inspection includes an entire area check. Sway bar links, struts, bearing, bushings, ball joints, and more are some areas that will be reviewed.

🚘☑ Daily Commutes

If you are driving through areas such as construction zones and gravel lots, then you are subject to experience frequent issues with your vehicle’s suspension and more.  Road where paving has been stripped, as well as roads that carry obtrusive debris or rocks can cause severe wear and tear on your tires. Over time, it can put excessive strain on the struts and shocks. It can also loosen the bolts near the tires. This can be a dangerous situation. One way to check the condition of your shocks and struts is to park the car, then get out and lean on one side. When you let off, if the car bounces more than once, you need to have your vehicle inspected. Even the smallest bounce can grow bigger over time.

🚘☑ A Car Accident

One of the most common reasons to have your car suspension system checked out is if your car has been involved in an accident. Car wrecks and crashed can have a significant impact on the overall condition and drivability of your vehicle. The impact of a car crash can easily throw off your vehicle’s alignment and damage its suspension. Although you may focus on getting the cosmetic damages fixed, there is more to look for following a car accident.

Indianapolis Suspension Inspection, Service and Repair You Can Trust

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional scheduled car maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are ASE licensed and certified car mechanics who provide a wide range of foreign and domestic auto repair services, including car suspension inspections and repairs, as well as free estimates, coupons, car care advice, and more. Request a free estimate, or schedule service, today.

ASE Certified Automotive Mechanics 317-475-1846

When Do I Need a Car Suspension Inspection?

A car’s suspension is one of the most important, basic components of any vehicle. Without it, you could not perform many of the everyday functions a car ordinarily provides. Problems with a vehicle’s suspension should be caught early on to stop small issues from becoming larger, costlier, and more dangerous. So at which times would a driver need to have their suspension checked? And how often do vehicles require regular suspension maintenance?

Continue reading to find out!

Indianapolis Car Suspension Repair 317-475-1846

Indianapolis Car Suspension Repair 317-475-1846

Poor Tire Performance and Knocking Noises

When tires begin to show wear and tear, or you notice a knocking noise coming from your vehicle’s undercarriage, it may be a sign that your vehicle needs alignment work. This is a prime example of when to have your suspension inspected. Of course, this is typically included in a standard alignment job; which includes proper suspension configuration, component adjustments, tire balancing and rotating, and more.

Frequent Commuting

For people who drive often, or commute long distances on a daily basis, they will need realignment services on a more frequent basis. You can test your realignment needs with a simple drive test; just drive slowly with intent to come to a stop, and as you slow down to a crawl speed, take your hands off the wheel and check if the car begins to veer one way or another. If the wheel veers to the right or left, the vehicle needs realignment and suspension services.

Difficulty Steering or Taking Turns

You may also need suspension work if your wheel is hard to turn in a certain direction when navigating. Knocking sounds can be caused from loose bolts in the undercarriage, which would need to be removed by a licensed Indianapolis automotive repair shop or mechanic. Additional signs indicate needed suspension work or car repair, such as excessive bouncing, swaying, vibrating steering wheel, and reduced braking ability.

Car Wrecks

Another example of when a car suspension should be serviced or inspected is after a collision or accident. Many people only see the exterior physical damages caused to their vehicles after a fender bender or minor car accident; but there could be more problems beneath the surface. You see, when a car collides with another, the vehicle’s alignment absorbs the impact. This can affect the struts, shocks, tires, and more. Metal within the undercarriage can bend from the momentum of the impact, causing the framework to weaken and problems with the suspension. It is important to have a vehicle inspected by a licensed Indianapolis auto mechanic to ensure accurate industry diagnostics and repair.

Indianapolis Automotive Service

Auto Repair Coupons Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

Auto Repair Indianapolis 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto at 317-475-1846 for affordable automotive service and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide domestic and foreign car repair for all make and model vehicles. On top of competitive prices, we also offer car repair coupons and discounts. We can even assist with tows! Call 317-475-1846 to request a free estimate, today.

Why is a Vehicle Suspension Inspection So Important?

It is important to understand a vehicle’s undercarriage before you can understand the importance behind car suspension inspections. It is vital to catch a worn vehicle suspension before it’s too late. Not only is it a big safety precaution, it can lead to more complications and costly repairs. If it is not caught early on, the first signs of suspension issues starts with the tires. When tires are showing escalated signs of wear and tear, then it may be your suspension that needs the underlying repair, not just your tires! Also, strange and loud knocking or banging noises coming from underneath a car is another initial warning sign for a bad suspension.

Suspension and Alignment Inspections

If you are a frequent driver, then you are likely to experience quicker wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension. This also means that your car or truck will need its alignment addressed at some point or another. Testing your alignment can be easy and done on your own, without the help of a licensed professional. Simple approach a stop sign very slowly, applying proper pressure to bring the vehicle to stop; and then right before you reach the stop sign, gently let go of the steering wheel and see which direction the vehicle steers. If it begins to veer off to the right or left, its alignment is off. The degree of which an alignment is offset can only be measured by a licensed mechanic that retains the proper equipment and diagnostic tools. It can also be noticeable that your vehicle’s alignment is off when you try to make a turn and the wheel fights back or feels heavy in one direction.

If you experience strange rattling noises coming from under your car, there could be a loose bolt in the undercarriage of the vehicle. This is another area that can only be corrected following a professional inspection. Sway bars links, bushings, shocks, struts, ball joints, bearings, and more are checked out in an alignment and suspension inspection. Any of these areas and components can become compromised simply by driving through construction zones, rumble strips, or on bad pavement. This can put excessive force and strain on your vehicle’s struts, shocks, and tires.

Additional indications of worn suspension or imbalanced alignment include excessive bouncing and swaying, leaky or cracked shocks, reduced braking time, uneven tire wear, and more. Have a licensed and trusted mechanic facilitate the proper industry inspections if your vehicle is experiencing any of these signs. Be sure to act fast before alignment and suspension problems become complex and costly repairs.

Northeast Auto Repair – Indianapolis, IN

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Repair at 317-475-1846 for a free estimate regarding car suspension services in Indianapolis, IN. We are highly trained and ASE certified, licensed mechanics with decades of experience in the automotive repair industry. Not only can we take a look at your car’s suspension and alignment, we provide a wide-range of additional auto repair services! We also offer free estimates, discounts, auto repair coupons, and more! Call 317-475-1846 and speak with a licensed ASE certified mechanic about automotive alignment services and car suspension repair in Indianapolis, Indiana today!