When Do I Need a Car Suspension Inspection?

A car’s suspension is one of the most important, basic components of any vehicle. Without it, you could not perform many of the everyday functions a car ordinarily provides. Problems with a vehicle’s suspension should be caught early on to stop small issues from becoming larger, costlier, and more dangerous. So at which times would a driver need to have their suspension checked? And how often do vehicles require regular suspension maintenance?

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Indianapolis Car Suspension Repair 317-475-1846

Indianapolis Car Suspension Repair 317-475-1846

Poor Tire Performance and Knocking Noises

When tires begin to show wear and tear, or you notice a knocking noise coming from your vehicle’s undercarriage, it may be a sign that your vehicle needs alignment work. This is a prime example of when to have your suspension inspected. Of course, this is typically included in a standard alignment job; which includes proper suspension configuration, component adjustments, tire balancing and rotating, and more.

Frequent Commuting

For people who drive often, or commute long distances on a daily basis, they will need realignment services on a more frequent basis. You can test your realignment needs with a simple drive test; just drive slowly with intent to come to a stop, and as you slow down to a crawl speed, take your hands off the wheel and check if the car begins to veer one way or another. If the wheel veers to the right or left, the vehicle needs realignment and suspension services.

Difficulty Steering or Taking Turns

You may also need suspension work if your wheel is hard to turn in a certain direction when navigating. Knocking sounds can be caused from loose bolts in the undercarriage, which would need to be removed by a licensed Indianapolis automotive repair shop or mechanic. Additional signs indicate needed suspension work or car repair, such as excessive bouncing, swaying, vibrating steering wheel, and reduced braking ability.

Car Wrecks

Another example of when a car suspension should be serviced or inspected is after a collision or accident. Many people only see the exterior physical damages caused to their vehicles after a fender bender or minor car accident; but there could be more problems beneath the surface. You see, when a car collides with another, the vehicle’s alignment absorbs the impact. This can affect the struts, shocks, tires, and more. Metal within the undercarriage can bend from the momentum of the impact, causing the framework to weaken and problems with the suspension. It is important to have a vehicle inspected by a licensed Indianapolis auto mechanic to ensure accurate industry diagnostics and repair.

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