How to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly in the Hot Weather

The summer solstice is just a mere two weeks away, but the climate already screams sunshine. Moreover, it’s no secret that hot weather can take a toll on your car. From the heat-induced wear and tear of parts to issues with air conditioning, many drivers find themselves facing a bevy of problems during the summer months.

Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your car running smoothly in hot weather. With regular auto service and maintenance, you can ensure that your vehicle is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws its way this season! Continue reading to learn our top tips for keeping your car up and running during the hottest days of summer.

Call 317-475-1846 For Automotive Cooling System Repair in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-475-1846 For Automotive Cooling System Repair in Indianapolis Indiana

5 Hot Weather Car Care Tips to Help You Stay Fresh and Cool This Summer

Tip 1: Use the Right Fluids

Check the automotive fluids in your car regularly and make sure that you are using the right type for each component. For instance, engine oil should be changed every few months depending on your vehicle’s specifications; if in doubt, consult with your mechanic or refer to your owner’s manual. It’s also important to use the correct antifreeze/coolant; this helps prevent overheating and keeps various components working together smoothly.

Tip 2: Monitor Tire Pressure

When temperatures start to climb, so does tire pressure – generally about one pound per square inch (PSI) for every 10-degree increase in temperature. Keep an eye on your tires and check the pressure every few weeks. Remember to check when the tires are cold (i.e., before you’ve driven the car for at least a few hours) to get an accurate measurement. If your tire pressure is too low or too high, you may experience decreased fuel efficiency and other issues with performance.

Tip 3: Keep Your Cooling System Clean

The cooling system in your vehicle helps move coolant through the engine and helps keep it running smoothly even in extreme temperatures. To ensure that this system works properly, make sure that you clean out any debris or contaminants from time to time; failure to do so can lead to blockages and overheating. Be sure to consult with your local mechanic about any maintenance needs related to your cooling system.

Tip 4: Stay Current on Routine Car Maintenance

As summer approaches, it’s important to remember the role that scheduled car maintenance can play in keeping you cool on the road. High temperatures can put your car’s engine and cooling system to the test, making regular maintenance even more crucial during the summer months. By keeping up with tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, and regularly checking your car’s cooling system, you can stay ahead of potential problems and ensure a smoother and cooler driving experience.

Tip 5: Incorporate Heat Reflective Car Accessories

With the advent of heat-reflective car accessories, you can bid adieu to the sweat and discomfort while driving your car this summer. Certain car accessories are specifically designed to deflect the sun’s rays and reduce the amount of heat that enters your vehicle, making it more bearable during hot and humid weather. Such accessories include steering wheel covers, tinted shades for windows, and sun reflecting windshield covers. Not only do these car accessories keep your vehicle cooler, but they also protect the interior from the harmful effects of sun damage and fading.

In Summary

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your car runs well in hot weather and beyond. Investing in regular auto service and maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle running in peak condition; it’s also a great way to prevent major problems from occurring down the road. So, make sure you give your vehicle the care it needs this summer – and enjoy worry-free driving all season long!

Are you looking for a dependable mechanic to provide schedule car maintenance at an affordable price? Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional automotive service and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Request a free estimate, or schedule service, today.

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What You Need to Know About Serpentine Belt Replacement

A serpentine belt is not a tacky snakeskin wardrobe accessory. It is a vital automotive part that helps power your car’s engine. If you have been driving your vehicle for several years, but have never had the serpentine belt replaced, it could be time now. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about serpentine belts, including information on serpentine belt replacement, maintenance, and repair.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846
Serpentine Belt Replacement Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

Serpentine Belt Operation and Design

A serpentine belt is a long belt inside the engine that winds around various pulleys, thus aligning them with the motion of the engine’s crankshaft. As the serpentine belt goes round, it causes the pulleys to turn, which sends power to many automotive components within a vehicle, including the air conditioning, alternator, power steering pump, and water pump.

If you have an older vehicle, keep in mind that they are known to require serpentine belt replacement sooner than modern-day vehicles do. Consult with your local Indianapolis auto repair shop to determine a routine car maintenance plan to support proper engine efficiency and performance.

Common Signs of a Failing Serpentine Belt

Although serpentine belts are manufactured to last for many years, they do need replaced every now and then. You will know if your serpentine belt needs to be replaced by looking for certain automotive performance issues. For instance, if you are having trouble with your air conditioning, car battery, or dimming lights in your car, it could be due to the serpentine belt not allowing the pulleys to send power to these automotive components.

Here’s What To Look For:

➾ Squealing Noise From Steering Wheel
➾ Battery Warning Light on Dash
➾ Temperature Warning Light on Dash
➾ Check Engine Light on Dash
➾ Sluggish or Heavy Steering
➾ Broken Air Conditioning

Serpentine Belt Replacement and Costs

Most automotive manufacturers recommend replacing serpentine belt at 60,000 miles; however, many vehicles can drive up to 100,000 miles without serpentine belt replacement work. The most important element of serpentine belt replacement is catching the need for replacement before the serpentine belt breaks.

Early diagnosis of engine problems is important, which is why routine car maintenance is critical for your vehicle’s safety, performance, and longevity. Your Indianapolis IN mechanic will be able to spot the need for serpentine belt work before it can break down on you. Not only can the save you a lot of time and stress, but it can also save you money.

The cost to replace a serpentine belt will depend on the price of the auto part itself and labor. Serpentine bells usually run anywhere from $25-$75, depending on the retailer and the make and model of the vehicle. Labor to remove and replace the serpentine belt can range anywhere from $100 to $200 or so. So, you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $300, depending on your make and model vehicle and the complexity of the job.

Are you looking for a trusted automotive mechanic for serpentine belt replacement in the Indy area? Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional, ASE-licensed engine repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out our auto shop coupons, too!

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ASE Certified Automotive Mechanics 317-475-1846
ASE Certified Mechanics Indianapolis 317-475-1846

Strange Car Smells and What They Might Mean

Sure, your car smells funny sometimes. But when it is not coming from last night’s fast food or that gym bag that’s been sitting in the back seat since Sunday, those smells could indicate a real problem. Continue reading to learn the most common types of car odors and which type of automotive problems they may signify.

Indianapolis Auto Safety Inspection and Service
Indianapolis Auto Safety Inspection and Service 317-475-1846

Common Car Smells

Car odors like burning rubber, burning wood, sulfur, gasoline, hot oil or exhaust, mold or mildew, and sweet smells are common types of odors that indicate an automotive problem or need for repair. Here are the reasons why these odors might be apparent in your vehicle right now, and what you need to do to resolve the issue:


If you smell burning rubber, it could mean that your brake pads are worn down, or your tires are being overworked. If you detect burning wood smells, it could mean that your clutch is malfunctioning.


Sulfur is often described as smelling like rotten eggs. If you smell sulfur like odors in your vehicle, the most likely culprit is overcharging your car battery. Otherwise, it could be from a defective catalytic converter or even an issue with your fuel system.


Unless you’ve accidentally spilled on yourself after filling station, if you are smelling gasoline in your car, is most likely a leak in your fuel tank. It could also be from a failing component within your evaporator emissions system.


If you are smelling hot or burning oil, or a smell similar to exhaust, it is most likely caused by an oil leak in your engine. Typically, this is from a defective gasket or seal.


Moldy or mildew odors in your vehicle are typically associated with air conditioning problems. Moisture or water can get trapped inside the inner components of your PC, and after some time begin to develop mold and mildew growth. These odors could also be caused by a buildup of moisture inside of your car, or because your cabin air filter is old.


If you are smelling sweet sugary cells in your car, it is often indicative of a coolant leak. Coolant is also known as radiator fluid, and it is on the most vital automotive fluids for all vehicles.

If you are detecting any strange odors or noises within your vehicle, it is important to have them looked at right away. Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional automotive service and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Request a free estimate, or schedule service, today.

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Indianapolis Auto Repair Service
Indianapolis Auto Repair Service 317-475-1846

Why You Should Get an Auto AC Tune Up Right Now

Spring is already bringing the heat, but Summer is especially known to get hot. Is your vehicle’s air conditioning system ready to take on the job of keeping you cool during your lengthy commutes? Right now is the perfect time of year to get your car’s AC tuned up and ready to go!

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of a properly working air conditioner in your car, and how to ensure yours stays in the best condition all Spring and Summer long.

Indianapolis Car AC Repair and Service 317-475-1846
Indianapolis Car AC Repair and Service 317-475-1846

The Importance of a Functional Car Air Conditioner

Driving in hot and humid conditions without a properly-functioning AC can cause drivers to be distracted, irritable, and extremely uncomfortable. Not only can this jeopardize safety and can be poor for the health, but it is also simply unbearable to withstand. Drivers and passengers can experience heavy sweating, dizziness, and fatigue if caught in traffic during high temperatures, and can even suffer from mild cases of heat stroke. So, for this reason, you need routine auto air conditioner service to ensure your vehicle’s AC is dependable and fully-functional.

Furthermore, it is vital to keep in mind that a refrigerant leak is damaging to the ozone layer. Not only does a properly-functioning AC system save on gas mileage, but it is also environmentally friendly. If you suspect that your vehicle’s air conditioner is losing coolness or not functioning properly, it is strongly encouraged to take it to your trusted auto repair center for professional inspection and service. They have the knowledge and resources to solve your vehicle problems and get you back on the road fast.

What to Expect From Auto AC Tune Up Service

An auto AC system is designed to control the interior climate of a vehicle, including temperature and humidity, and comes in many different forms depending on the make and model of the car. A licensed automotive mechanic is the only authority that has the knowledge and equipment to deliver accurate air conditioner service. Routine auto AC service is a critical part of preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Not only does it provide the proper inspections and replacements necessary for every summer, it prevents future breakdowns and costly repairs.

When you get auto AC service, your mechanic will begin by implementing a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. The check the pressures to test operation, refrigerant charge, and outlet temperatures. If your vehicle’s AC system is low on refrigerant, the mechanic will implement a leak test to locate the source of a leak if there is one in the system. If found, leaks are fixed and if the states allow it, the refrigerant is re-filled. The mechanic will then check for refrigerant cross-contamination and the compressor’s drive belt and tension.

Are you looking for a trusted and affordable automotive mechanic? Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for dealership-level scheduled car maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana, but at neighborhood prices!

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Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service
Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846

How to Quickly Cool Down the Inside of Your Car

This summer heat has many people avoiding the great outdoors at all costs. However, most of us have no choice but to commute around town for everyday life responsibilities, like work, school, kids, errands, and more. And in this heat, no one wants to deal with discomfort in the middle of a busy day, especially a sweltering car. After sitting in the heat, the interior temperature of a car can rise quickly, and even reach temperatures higher than the outside climate. Fortunately, there are some easy and effective methods you can rely on to cool down the inside of your car on a hot summer day.

Continue reading to learn what you can do to make yourself, your passengers, and your pets feel much more comfortable when hopping into the car in hot, humid weather.

Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846
Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846

Consider Your Safety First

As mentioned, there are many ways to cool off the inside of a car on a hot day, most of which do not require any additional costs or major adjustments. The most important part about dealing with a hot car interior on a regular basis is to consider safety. You never want to put yourself, a child, or a pet inside of a hot car for any period of time; even just for a minute. If a car is very hot, allow it to cool down before entering. Also be sure to have clean, bottled water on hand to avoid dehydration and to help ease the discomfort of feeling hot in a car.

Here are Some Ways to Cool Down a Car as Fast as Possible:

☑ Use a Windshield Cover

Windshield covers are available at any local automotive store, department store, home improvements stores, and online. They are inexpensive and come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and level of quality. Choose one that works best for your windshield shape, and see how well it blocks out the sun during the day. Your car interior will be much cooler with this cover.

☑ Park in Shady Spots

By parking under a tree or in a large shadow, you instantly prevent your car from becoming as hot as it could be on a hot day. Use this habit, along with other methods, to get your car to a safe and comfortable temperature in no time at all.

☑ Roll Down Your Windows

As soon as you get to your car, open the doors and roll down all the windows. While you are implementing other strategies, this allows the hot air to escape and the wind to blow through the car. Allow the car to air out for a minute or two, or however long you can stand waiting. Then if you have it, proceed to turn on your air conditioning, but not to the max setting. See below.

☑ Turn On the Regular AC Mode

Turn on your air conditioning, but not to the max mode. You do not want to blast hot air from your vents. Instead, put your AC on low, and then after a minute or two, increase the speed of the fans. Once you have felt a cool down, turn your AC to your desired, default setting.

☑ Have Your Car Serviced

If you want to keep cool in your car this summer, be sure that your car’s air conditioning is prepared to perform at top efficiency. Routine car maintenance is the best precaution to take to avoid summer breakdowns. Not only will a mechanic ensure your AC is tuned and charged, they will be able to catch and reverse any small issues that might affect your air conditioning down the line. And this is important since no one wants to be left without air conditioning on a hot summer day!

Trusted Indianapolis Car Maintenance

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional auto air conditioner service and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re ASE certified car mechanics who provide a wide range of auto repairs and maintenance for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We also provide several amenities, such as free written estimates, flexible drop off and pickup hours, and more.

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