When Should I Rotate and Balance My Car Tires?

A car truck is a highly significant asset in a person’s life. Regular maintenance and care is vital in order to sustain proper overall performance and promote longer-lasting life. One component of every vehicle that requires routine care and maintenance is tires. They are several benefits to keeping up with you are car trucks tires; including safer driving, better handling on the road, increased gas mileage, and much more.

One way to achieve these advantages for your vehicle is to routinely rotate and balance your tires. A common question about rotating and balancing tires concerns how often it should be done. The answer to this question is fairly simple but very important. Tires require professional maintenance and inspection at least once every year.

Continue reading for more details about how often you should rotate and balance the tires on your car or truck.

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The Basics of Tire Rotation Service

Fortunately, rotating and balancing tires on any vehicle is one of the easiest maintenance requirements and tasks when it comes to automotive care. Although it’s one of the simplest, is also one of the most important and valuable. Rotating your tires involves rotating each tire to a new spot on a vehicle so they wear down and even fashion. Many people wrongly assume that entails rotating a tire on a car’s axle in a spinning motion.

The reason we want to rotate and balance our tires is so that they wear evenly as we drive. If we don’t, certain tires will wear down faster or slower than other tires. This can cause problems on the road in various ways. You see, your vehicle’s tires are inevitably going to deteriorate over time as we add on mileage. However, assisting this process in a way that protects your car is important. Also, front tires commonly wear out before back tires because that’s where the engine is located, and the engine is the heaviest component inside a vehicle. This is just another fact that should convince you more about the significance of tire rotation and balancing.

Recommended Tire Maintenance Schedule

When it comes to how often car or trucks tires should be rotated and balanced, your car owner’s manual should retain instructions and recommendations. The common practice is to have your vehicles tires serviced every time you get your oil changed. This is a good way to remember how often to have the service done. As for numbers, it’s typically said to have your tires serviced every six months or every 7,500 miles. Many people are known to wait longer until they reach their 10,000 mile marker to have their oil changed and the tires rotated and balanced. This is also okay, especially for people who don’t drive as often.

Tire balancing and tire rotation is not for the inexperienced. It’s very important that you outsource a professional automotive technician for proper vehicle maintenance and repair. Tire care, especially rotating and balancing, requires extensive automotive knowledge and experience; as well as various tools and complex equipment. Be sure your mechanic is licensed, experienced, and can provide a wide range of automotive services.

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