What is Car Maintenance Insurance?

Routine factory scheduled maintenance is necessary for all cars and trucks. Without routine car maintenance, a vehicle is not safe to drive and will quickly deteriorate, incur damage, and eventually become inoperable. For this reason, many drivers look into insurance options to combat the high price of regular car maintenance, especially those who have invested in luxury vehicles. The more expensive or high-priced a vehicle is, the more costly and frequent the maintenance will be. This is not always the case, but it is very common.

Continue reading to learn how car maintenance insurance works, and where you can get the best deals on auto service near you.

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Understanding how car maintenance insurance works is not difficult. There are two primary concepts or objectives behind auto maintenance insurance. First, this type of policy is meant to ensure that a vehicle still receives the benefits of recommended factory maintenance after its warranty is void. Second, car maintenance insurance is often used as a tool to persuade car buyers to purchase an extended warranty.

Dealership Insurance

When a person buys a car from a dealership, it is common for the dealership to include a complimentary vehicle maintenance package with the purchase of an extended warranty. When a person leases a car from a dealership, it is common for the dealership to offer free car maintenance services so that the car stays carefully monitored during the leasing agreement, and is returned in good condition when the lease is over.

Extended warranties are good for anyone who expects to have a major car repair over the next several years that is too expensive for them to repair. This is the gamble car buyers take when purchasing extended warranties.

Third-Party Insurance

As for third party car maintenance insurance, or insurance policies purchased outside of a car dealership, these work just like health or homeowners’ insurance policies. You simply outsource a reliable insurance carrier, purchase a policy, and pay a monthly premium. When your car needs serviced, you just take it to an auto repair shop that is accepted by your insurance policy. The policy will pay for all, or a portion, of the maintenance bill. Generally, there is very little cost left for the owner to pay for.

Vehicle maintenance insurance carriers can drop car owners if they do not comply with the recommended factory scheduled maintenance time intervals. This will result in the owner being entirely responsible for all maintenance and repair costs. Talk to a licensed mechanic, or review your owners’ manual, for your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule.

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