Recommended Car Maintenance Schedule

Most vehicles are manufactured and designed to have a lifespan of at least ten to fifteen years. But this doesn’t happen without a little effort and initiative. Routine car maintenance is imperative for optimal vehicular performance and longevity. You cannot expect your car or truck to stand the test of time without regular scheduled vehicular maintenance and care. Fluids, tires, auto parts, and more all require specific services within a particular time schedule.

The first place to look for your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule is the owners’ manual. You can find all the information you need about factory scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting problems for your vehicle. Continue reading to grasp a general idea of which factory scheduled maintenance services your vehicle needs, and when you should be outsourcing those services to better protect your asset.

3,000 Miles

Indianapolis Oil Change Coupons 317-475-1846

Indianapolis Oil Change Coupons 317-475-1846

In order to keep your engine in optimal condition, the motor oil needs refilled on a regular basis, and the oil filters need replaced at the same time. Since your car engine is one of the most expensive and valuable components in your vehicle, it is in your best interest to change the oil and oil filter in order to avoid engine problems and costly repairs.

It is also important to replace the spark plug after changing your motor oil, and refill the coolant as well. These tasks should be done every three thousand miles or every three months, whichever comes first. This is just a general rule and should be adjusted according to the amount and type of driving you do.

7,000 Miles

Once you have reached seven thousand miles, or around 6 or 7 months, you need to have your tires serviced. This involves a tire rotation, balancing, break pad replacements (if needed), brake rotor inspections and replacements (if needed), and even tire replacement, if needed. Another maintenance task that should be done at the 7,000 mile interval is battery replacement. Your car battery may need recharging, servicing, upgrading, or even replacing at this point of the year.


Auto Repair Coupons Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

Auto Repair Coupons Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

One time per year, your vehicle should be inspected all over, like a check-up. This is because at this point, it will need a few services. First, the transmission fluid needs flushed and refilled, and the actual transmission should be examined for leaks. Next, your vehicle will need a few filters replaced, like the air filter and the carbon canister filter. At this point, it is probably time to have your brakes re-serviced or inspected too.

30,000 Miles

Every 30,000 miles, or two years, your vehicle needs a bit more attention. It needs all the above services already mentioned, in combination with several more. This includes an auto tune-up, brake fluid replacement, spark plug replacement, brake rotor replacement, transfer case fluid replacement, wire and distribution cap replacement, and much more. At this point, it is best to have a licensed mechanic undertake all of these factory scheduled maintenance tasks for liable and professional results.

60,000 Miles

After four or five years, your vehicle will probably have a few parts that need repaired or replaced. Be sure to have any defective auto parts repaired right away to avoid more costly repairs down the road. And be sure to keep up with all the other regular scheduled maintenance tasks your vehicle requires.

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Auto Repair Coupons Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

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