FAQS About Factory Scheduled Car Maintenance

If you are a car owner, it is necessary to know how to take care of your asset in order to protect your investment. And it all starts with routine car maintenance. Everything from sensible driving and fluid changes, to filter replacements, battery care, and more, are all important parts of maintaining a safe and operational vehicle for years to come. You can find the recommended maintenance schedule you’re your vehicle in its owners’ manual. Or you can contact a trusted mechanic for advice.

Continue reading to review some of the most commonly asked questions about car maintenance, and who to trust with your vehicle.

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Car Care and Maintenance Mechanic Advice

When Should I Rotate and Balance My Tires?

Your car’s tires play a large role in gas mileage, fuel efficiency, performance, and safety. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to your tire’s condition and routine needs. It is recommended to rotate and balance tires every 5,000 miles, or at every other oil change.

When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Oil changes are vital for your vehicle. Without them, your car simply wouldn’t run after some time. So be sure to get your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If you drive often or drive long distances frequently, you may need to get them at closer intervals.

When Should I Replace My Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are important components to your vehicle’s engine. For this reason, and many more, you should replace worn-out spark plugs every 30,000 miles, or every 3 years. This will also improve your fuel efficiency.

Do I Have to Replace My Timing Belt?

You MUST replace your timing belt when the manufacturer recommends! If you fail to do so, it can cause major engine damage, which is extremely expensive to repair. Timing belt replacement is the much cheaper option.

Does My Check Engine Light Mean I Need Car Maintenance?

Well, not exactly. It illuminates when you are in dire need of car maintenance or repair. Your trusted mechanic, coupled with your car’s owners’ manual, will let you know when you need car maintenance. That is because car maintenance should be on the preventative side. You do not want to wait until there is something wrong to act.

What Do I Do if My Car Overheats?

Pull over immediately, turn off the engine, allow it to cool completely, and then check to see if you are low on coolant. In most cases, a quick re-fill of radiator fluid, also known as coolant, is the cure for an overheating engine. In other cases, it can be something more serious. If your car continues to overheat, even with coolant, you need auto repair.

Why is My Engine Oil Look Milky?

When coolant leaks into the engine oil, it can take on a milky-brown color. Blown head gaskets, cracked casings, and transmission cooler failure are common causes. This is a very serious issue that requires immediate auto repair.

When Do I Need to Replace the Fuel Filter?

Just like spark plugs, fuel filters should be replaced every 30,000 miles or so. You can couple this service with your spark plug replacement and get them done at the same time.

What Do I Do if I Have a Burnt Fuse?

Burnt out fuses should be replaced immediately. Be sure to always use the same amperage, which you can find printed on the fuse. It the same fuse continues to cause problems; you may have an issue with your circuit. This requires professional inspection and repair.

Do you need factory schedule car maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana? Contact Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for automotive repair services at the most affordable prices in town!

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How to Ensure Good Driving Visibility in the Winter

This winter, you do not have to put up with poor visibility on the road due to inclement weather conditions. Prepare your vehicle for cloudy weather, dark evenings, harsh hail, thick snow, and much more, with these winter car care tips!

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Indianapolis Car Maintenance and Repair 317-475-1846

Car Care Tips for Improved Winter Visibility

Not only are the days shorter in the winter, requiring nighttime commutes much sooner in the evening than the rest of the year, but the season also brings about climate conditions that are not the best suited for safe driving. For these reasons, it is important to do your part by remaining an alert and responsible driver, and staying on top of your vehicle’s factory scheduled maintenance needs. This includes ensuring proper tire maintenance and pressure, practicing safe driving, servicing your car brakes, and even keeping a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle at all times.

More specifically to visibility, it is vital that you ensure your car or truck is equipped with well-functioning lights, windshield wipers, and automotive fluids.

Vehicle Lights

Since days are shorter, commuting in the dark happens sooner and more often in the winter. Even during the day, before the sun sets, skies can be very dark and dreary. All of these common winter conditions make for poor visibility on the road. Not only do you have more trouble seeing clearly on the road as you drive, but other cars are having trouble seeing your vehicle too.

To fully protect yourself, prepare your car by ensuring the lights and electrical systems are working properly. This includes headlights, taillights, turn signals, parking lights, hazard lights, and interior cabin lights. If your lights are not functioning properly, it is not recommended to drive at night until you have had them repaired by a licensed auto repair shop in Indianapolis.

Windshield Wipers and Fluid

Your windshield wipers are often overlooked for their importance. But in the winter especially, when precipitation is thick, fast, and unpredictable, they are more vital than ever for your safety. Before the worst of the winter is upon us, it is important to have your windshield wipers inspected and replaced as needed. Be sure to choose a quality brand and type of windshield wipers, for both your front windshield and your back window.

In addition to quality wipers, it is wise to keep an extra bottle of windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle at all times. Keep your fluid topped off so that you can easily wipe away unanticipated muddy snow splats by a passing semi truck. You can even learn how to make your own windshield wiper deicer! Also keep an ice scraper in your car so that you can clear your windshield in between stops.

Where to Get Trusted Car Maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional car maintenance and auto repair service in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been helping Hoosiers repair and maintenance their vehicles for over 20 years, while offering affordable prices and reliable work. You can schedule an inspection and free estimate, anytime! We can even assist with tows! Don’t forget to mention one of our auto repair coupons or discounts to get the best deal in town.

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Why You Must Get Your Car Air Filters Changed This Year

Humans require clean, easy-to-breath air in order to live. And just like humans, vehicles also need to be able to “breathe” clean air in order to survive. While human lungs make it possible to breathe, a vehicle’s air filters do just the same. But after some time, air filters begin to accumulate mass amounts of dirt, debris, and other airborne particles, which eventually decreases their quality and function. For this reason, it is critical to have your vehicle’s engine and cabin air filters inspected and changed on a routine basis to promote safe and efficient driving.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of routine automotive filter changes and where to schedule your factory scheduled car maintenance in Indianapolis.

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Car Air Filters

Keep in mind that your car’s air filters are your first line of defense against irritating and obstructive airborne contaminants. But many drivers are guilty of overlooking this small but highly-necessary scheduled maintenance. Dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores, exhaust gases, bacteria, and more are examples of airborne contaminants that have the ability to negatively affect the quality and performance of your engine and vehicle as a whole.

The long list of airborne contaminants can have a powerful impact on your vehicle’s engine, and in a very negative way. Everything from pistons, cylinders, and cylinder walls, to piston rings and bearings, are just a few areas of a car engine that can begin to lose performance value from clogged or dirty air filters. Over time, neglecting to change air filters can lead to serious engine malfunctions and breakdowns, which means frustrating, costly repairs.

According to Community Car Care, there is a 1 in 5 chance that your car needs an air filter change right now! So, do it this year so your car runs great into 2022!

Cabin Air Filters

If you like to have clean, breathable interior air that smells good, you need to change your cabin air filters on a routine basis. Once cabin air filters start to become clogged, they begin to slowly lose their ability to do their job. So, once they are entirely clogged, you can suffer some mild but irritating consequences, such as musty smells, sore throat, coughing, itchy eyes, tightening of the chest, and more. Changing them regularly keeps the interior environment of your car fresh and easy to breath.

When to Put Air Filter Changes on Your Car Maintenance Schedule

Refer to your vehicle’s owners’ manual for the manufacturer recommendations on factory scheduled maintenance. The general rule of thumb is to have your air filters inspected and changed every time you take your car in for an oil change. In fact, it is often a part of oil change packages. This should be every 3,000 miles or so. Talk to your mechanic for professional advice.

Indianapolis Factory Scheduled Maintenance and Repair

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for factory scheduled maintenance and auto repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are ASE licensed and certified car mechanics who provide a wide range of foreign and domestic auto repair services, and specialize in major engine and transmission work. We also offer free estimates, automotive repair coupons, assistance with towing, and more. Request a free estimate, anytime.

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Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846

When Should I Change the Oil in My Vehicle?

All vehicles and other engine-operated machines need oil changes on a regular interval. An engine is like the heart of a car and that heart must remain functional at all times. Oil lubricates the inner components of a vehicle’s engine and promotes smoother operation and functioning.  If this oil runs dry or becomes too dirty, it can cause a car engine to overheat, and eventually begin to deteriorate and fail altogether. Oil is a mandatory must-have for all vehicles, and must be changed regularly for a car to function properly.

Continue reading to learn when you should change the oil in your vehicle, and who to trust for professional oil change advice and service.

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Facts About Changing the Oil in a Car

It is best to refer to your car’s manual for oil change scheduling advice and recommendations. If you do not have your car’s manual, simply contact the manufacturer, and ask for the information you need. Oil changes are meant to be changed on a regular basis, depending on the amount of driving you do, and the style of driving you use. Typically, car manufacturers recommend changing a standard automobile’s oil every three thousand miles, or every three months, or whichever comes first. For cars that are not driven as much, oil changes can be facilitated more sparingly, such as every 5,000 miles or every six to eight months. 

Not only can the amount of driving indicate when to have your oil changed, the style of driving you use can also affect this schedule. For instance, a person that drives fast and abruptly on a regular basis, or gets stuck in frequent stop-and-go traffic, may need to have their oil changed more frequently than a person that only drives to church on Sundays. Give your driving details to a professional, and they can easily determine and suggest when you should change your car’s oil.

Size and vehicle type also influence the rate of which a person should have their oil changed.  For instance, diesel engines will have a contrasting oil change schedule compared to a gasoline fuel engine.  Larger engines and vehicles burn more fuel, which may require them to have the oil changed more often.  Small gasoline-fueled engines get better fuel mileage, resulting in less frequent routine maintenance.

Where to Get Affordable Oil Changes and Car Maintenance in Indianapolis

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for affordable oil changes and scheduled car maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed mechanics have been helping Hoosiers repair and maintenance their vehicles for over 20 years, while offering affordable prices and reliable work. You can schedule a free inspection and estimate, anytime! We can even assist with tows! Don’t forget to mention one of our auto repair coupons or discounts to get the best deal in town.

How to Make Your Own Windshield Wiper Deicer

Here in Indiana, you just can be too sure about the weather. The Groundhog saw his shadow on February 2nd, yet the snow still came soon after anyway. And just because the snow is almost melted away doesn’t mean that it wont soon be back. For this reason, we must all be prepared. One thing you can do to be ready for the next snowstorm is make your own windshield wiper deicing solution. So, next time your car’s windshield is taking too long to defrost, just whip out your trusty, homemade deicer, and watch in fascination just how fast it works. You will be asking yourself why you haven’t used this method all your life!

Continue reading to learn how to make your own, fast-acting windshield wiper deicer.

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Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846317-475-1846

What You Will Need

There really isn’t an easier and more effective solution to make than this homemade windshield deicer. That’s because you only need two ingredients and a plastic spray bottle. Which ingredients? Well, only readily available ones that you likely already have on hand: rubbing alcohol and water! You can also use Isopropyl alcohol if you do not have rubbing alcohol. Be sure to get a plastic bottle that is large enough to hold the total volume of liquid this recipe calls for, which is 24 ounces, or 3 cups.

☑ Rubbing Alcohol – 2 Cups (16 oz)
☑ Room Temperature Water – 1 Cup (8 oz)
☑ 32 Ounce Plastic Spray Bottle

How to Make Your Deicing Solutions

Combine 1 part water with 2 parts rubbing alcohol (or Isopropyl alcohol) into your plastic bottle. You can use the measurements listed above to make a 24 ounce solution, or you can simply use the 1:2 ratio to make your own amount of solution.

To use your solution, simply spray your windshield generously while your car’s defrost is on. Then watch as the frost melts away!

Store your solution in your car. Rubbing alcohol won’t freeze until the climate reaches 28 degrees below zero! So, it will always be ready for use, no matter how cold it is outside.

Looking for Quality Car Maintenance Service in Indianapolis?

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional auto repair and car maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re ASE certified car mechanics who provide a wide range of auto repairs and maintenance for both foreign and domestic vehicles, including comprehensive inspections following a car accident. Best of all, we offer customer conveniences like free written estimates, flexible drop off and pickup hours, automotive repair coupons and discounts, and competitive pricing. See our coupon, below!

The Basics of Automotive Factory Scheduled Maintenance

All vehicles require a certain degree of care and upkeep to ensure proper vehicle performance and longevity.  In order to achieve optimal car and truck driving conditions, a person should take their vehicle to a licensed mechanic for regular scheduled maintenance services, as suggested by the manufacturer.  There are several different options when it comes to routine maintenance for cars and trucks; from oil changes to upholstery conditioning, the services are endless.  Among all vehicle care and maintenance services, there are some that are mandatory, rather than cosmetic. 

Continue reading to learn the basics surrounding the common factory scheduled maintenance services recommended for cars and trucks.

Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846
Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846

Oil Changes

All vehicles that run on gasoline require oil changes.  If a car or truck owner fails to change the oil, the oil burns up and several problems can occur.  Overheating engines, engine sludge, and loss of horsepower performance are all consequences of poor oil maintenance.  The oil is what keeps all the metallic parts running smoothly in the engine. Without this lubrication, friction and heat can cause a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. It is recommended to get your car or truck’s oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.  Different oils and engines involve slightly different requirements.  Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for an exact mileage. 

Car Battery Replacement

A car or truck will not run on a dead or dying battery.  Automotive battery replacement is mandatory maintenance unless you drive an electric car.  Fortunately, car batteries tend to last for a while; only requiring a change every few years.  It all depends on how a person drives, where they live, the condition of the charging system, and much more.  When a battery finally dies, the vehicle simply stops running.  There is rarely any sign that a battery is close to giving out.

In other circumstances, a car or truck battery can be wasted away, requiring the battery to be re-charged; rather than replaced.  Accidentally leaving the headlights on overnight, running the engine in a stationary position for too long, and overall poor vehicle maintenance are all capable of burning out a car battery.  Fortunately, replacement is affordable because car batteries are generally less than fifty dollars and you can even install it on your own.

Fluid Flushes and Re-Fills

There are various fluids and liquids in a car or truck that need to be flushed and replaced on a regular basis.  For example, motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid all need changed and replaced every so often.  An owner’s manual will contain information and recommendations on when to change each fluid.  These recommendations are usually just the bare minimum the keep a vehicle’s warranty in effect.  In other circumstances, a person may need to change a certain fluid more often than another, depending on driving habits and other variables.

Tire Rotation and Balancing

Tires and wheels are important components on cars and trucks for obvious reasons, which is why their maintenance is absolutely mandatory.  Regular tire rotating and balancing ensure a safer drive, as well as, a better performing vehicle.  A good way to determine when to have your tires and wheels serviced is to have it done every two or three oil changes.  Think about the amount of driving you do and the age of your vehicle.  This and more will define when to rotate and balance your tires.

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Advantages of Rebuilt Car Engines

The engine is the heart of every vehicle. Without a properly functioning engine, a vehicle cans imply not perform. This is why engine maintenance and routine care is so important. Taking good care of a car or truck engine can ensure a longer-lasting, higher performing, vehicle. Unfortunately, a car or truck might need an engine replacement. In these cases, many people tend to get overwhelmed with the thought of purchasing a brand new engine. The truth is, not many car owners are aware that buying a refurbished car engine is a possibility. Continue reading to learn more about rebuilt car engines and how they benefit drivers and vehicle owners, every day.

Refurbished Car Engines

Re-manufactured, or rebuilt engines, are fantastic alternatives to purchasing brand new car engines. Although their parts are not new, and have seen a few thousand miles or so, they are still functional as an engine replacement. These engines have been taken apart, dismantled, inspected, serviced, cleaned, and given needed upgrades in order to get them performing once again. Their piston-cylinder systems are reformed, all bearings are re-lubricated, camshafts are reground, and more. Parts that need minor repairs are taken care of, while other smaller parts are simply replaced with working ones; including timing belts, gaskets, and rods. Not only are refurbished car engines much less expensive than new ones, they can also extend the longevity of a vehicle if the right one is installed. You see, rebuilt motors can have everything from brand new parts, used parts, and functional existing parts. All this together makes one operational motor. Be sure to always ask for a warranty if purchasing a rebuilt engine.

The benefits of purchasing refurbished motors are plentiful. For one, they are finally meeting the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications. Also, they cost much less than a brand new engine or vehicle. In fact, some new models are more expensive than the vehicle whose motor needs replaced! For older vehicles, refurbished is the recommended avenue to take. Ford, Toyota, and Honda are the suggested and most popular used and rebuilt motors in demand.

Routine maintenance is vital for all make and model vehicles. Not only does this increase longevity, it also promotes higher performance values, reliability, and less repair costs. Routine factory scheduled maintenance includes oil changes, fluid changes, tire rotations and balancing, tire pressure, inspections, brake inspections, battery maintenance, air filter cleaning or replacement, transmission service, wiper blades, fuel systems, coolant flushes, bulbs, and more.

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Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for professional factory scheduled maintenance and engine repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana today. We are highly trained and ASE licensed mechanics with decades of experience in the automotive repair industry. Our shop provides repair and maintenance for all make and model vehicles. Call 317-475-1846 for free estimates regarding engine repair and service in Indianapolis, IN today.

How to Jump Start a Car Battery

Automotive batteries are not meant to last forever; in fact, they are designed to only last three to five years before needing replaced. Even with proper maintenance, there are several circumstances that can lead to a drained car battery. This is why a dead battery is one of the leading causes of vehicular breakdowns each year. For this reason, it is wise for drivers to learn how to jump start a dead car battery in the case that it happens to them or a fellow driver. Continue reading for a step by step guide for jump starting a dead car battery, and who to call for professional car battery replacement services near you!

Dead Car Battery

There are several reasons why a car battery can drain its charge. Exposure to extreme heat or cold, leaving the interior or exterior lights on for an extended period of time, and simply not driving a vehicle for a while are just a few examples of how to drain a car battery. For whatever reason your car battery dies (unless it’s old), you can jump start it back up with a set of jumper cables and another running vehicle. You can purchase jumper cables at any local hardware store or automotive store for a low price. Some emergency roadside kits come with jumper cables as well, so these products are highly recommended to buy. Just be sure to keep the jumper cables and roadside kit in your trunk at all times in case you ever need them.

Getting Set Up

Once you are ready to jump start your dead car battery, have the other driver pull their vehicle closer to your car, engine to engine. This can be done side to side, or head to head. Just be sure the jumper cables can reach both car batteries. Now you are ready to connect the cables. Before you start, be aware that clamping jumper cables in the wrong location can damage certain electrical components. Because of this, you MUST read the owners’ manual and know exactly what you are doing before you get started. Also, never touch the two ends of the jumper cables together when one end is connected to a running vehicle. This can cause painful electrocutions and shocks.

Jump Starting a Car Battery:

1. Turn OFF both vehicles.

2. Identify the Positive (+) and Negative (-) sides of each vehicle’s battery. These are where the jumper cables will connect with clamps. Positive is usually red and negative is usually black.

3. Start at the charged battery and connect the RED clamp/cable to the Positive (+) side of the battery.

4. Now connect the other red clamp to the positive side of the dead battery.

5. While at the dead battery, connect the black clamp to the Negative (-) side of it.

6. Now connect the other black clamp to the Negative (-) side of the good car battery.

7. Double check that the clamps and cables are nowhere near any moving engine parts.

8. Turn ON the running vehicle with the good battery.

9. Wait one minute then turn on the other vehicle. If the battery is charged, the vehicle will turn on. Depending on how drained it is, some car batteries will need to stay connected to a running vehicle for 5 minutes or more.

10. Disconnect the jumper cables in reverse order to how they were connected from the start. Black cables then red cables, good battery then recharged battery.

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If you need car battery replacement in Indianapolis, call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 today. We are ASE licensed mechanics with decades of experience and training in the automotive service industry. We service and repair all make and model vehicles at the most competitive prices in town. We also offer auto repair coupons and discounts. Call 317-475-1846 for factory scheduled maintenance and battery replacement services in Indianapolis, IN today.

Does Factory Scheduled Maintenance for Cars and Trucks Differ?

Although there are a few notable differences between truck maintenance and car maintenance, they are relatively the same. Any motor vehicle requires the same degree of basic maintenance in order to keep the engine running, reduce repair costs, and uphold safe driving conditions. Always refer to your vehicle’s owners’ manual for recommended maintenance schedules. This will give you the information you need to set-up a proper schedule for your particular car or truck.

Don’t stop at manuals if you really want factory scheduled maintenance information. Utilize books, the internet, and even local car mechanics for additional advice and information regarding car and truck maintenance. Continue reading to learn more about the difference between car and truck maintenance schedules, and who to call for automotive service advice you can trust.

Car and Truck Maintenance

There are seven essential fluids every vehicle needs to operate safely, effectively, and dependably. This includes motor oil, coolant, and fluids like windshield wiper, brake, transmission, power steering, and battery fluid. The difference in fluid maintenance between a car and truck is frequency, as well as, the type of oil used. A car will only require fluid checks and changes every three to six months, where a truck will require them more often since they are larger and drive on rugged terrains. Trucks are usually driven at tougher levels for work and labor purposes, so their fluid gets hotter and burns faster than cars. This means they might also need heavy-duty motor oils and more.

Another difference involves filters. Oil filters and air filters protect the engine by catching grease, dirt, debris, and more; so they need swapped out every 10,000 miles or so if you drive a car. As for trucks, these filters collect even more dirt, grease, and debris, which means they need to be replaced on a more frequent basis. This is especially important for trucks that drive on rough terrain or off-road regularly.

Since trucks are larger and heavier, and usually carry cargo, they require proper tire inflation. This ensures even weight distribution and allows trucks to better navigate rough terrain like construction sites, gravel, dirt, and more.

Northeast Auto Service

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for car and truck maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are ASE licensed mechanics with decades of experience in the automotive service and repair industry. Our highly trained technicians provide repairs, services, maintenance, and more for all make and model vehicles. We offer auto repair coupons, as well as, the most competitive prices in town. Call 317-475-1846 for professional automotive repair service in Indianapolis, IN today.

Recommended Car Maintenance Schedule

Most vehicles are manufactured and designed to have a lifespan of at least ten to fifteen years. But this doesn’t happen without a little effort and initiative. Routine car maintenance is imperative for optimal vehicular performance and longevity. You cannot expect your car or truck to stand the test of time without regular scheduled vehicular maintenance and care. Fluids, tires, auto parts, and more all require specific services within a particular time schedule.

The first place to look for your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule is the owners’ manual. You can find all the information you need about factory scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting problems for your vehicle. Continue reading to grasp a general idea of which factory scheduled maintenance services your vehicle needs, and when you should be outsourcing those services to better protect your asset.

3,000 Miles

Indianapolis Oil Change Coupons 317-475-1846

Indianapolis Oil Change Coupons 317-475-1846

In order to keep your engine in optimal condition, the motor oil needs refilled on a regular basis, and the oil filters need replaced at the same time. Since your car engine is one of the most expensive and valuable components in your vehicle, it is in your best interest to change the oil and oil filter in order to avoid engine problems and costly repairs.

It is also important to replace the spark plug after changing your motor oil, and refill the coolant as well. These tasks should be done every three thousand miles or every three months, whichever comes first. This is just a general rule and should be adjusted according to the amount and type of driving you do.

7,000 Miles

Once you have reached seven thousand miles, or around 6 or 7 months, you need to have your tires serviced. This involves a tire rotation, balancing, break pad replacements (if needed), brake rotor inspections and replacements (if needed), and even tire replacement, if needed. Another maintenance task that should be done at the 7,000 mile interval is battery replacement. Your car battery may need recharging, servicing, upgrading, or even replacing at this point of the year.


Auto Repair Coupons Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

Auto Repair Coupons Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

One time per year, your vehicle should be inspected all over, like a check-up. This is because at this point, it will need a few services. First, the transmission fluid needs flushed and refilled, and the actual transmission should be examined for leaks. Next, your vehicle will need a few filters replaced, like the air filter and the carbon canister filter. At this point, it is probably time to have your brakes re-serviced or inspected too.

30,000 Miles

Every 30,000 miles, or two years, your vehicle needs a bit more attention. It needs all the above services already mentioned, in combination with several more. This includes an auto tune-up, brake fluid replacement, spark plug replacement, brake rotor replacement, transfer case fluid replacement, wire and distribution cap replacement, and much more. At this point, it is best to have a licensed mechanic undertake all of these factory scheduled maintenance tasks for liable and professional results.

60,000 Miles

After four or five years, your vehicle will probably have a few parts that need repaired or replaced. Be sure to have any defective auto parts repaired right away to avoid more costly repairs down the road. And be sure to keep up with all the other regular scheduled maintenance tasks your vehicle requires.

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Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for affordable car maintenance and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly trained and ASE licensed car mechanics with decades of experience in the automotive service industry. We offer a wide range of auto repair services for all make and model vehicles. Call 317-475-1846 for information about our Indianapolis factory scheduled maintenance prices and current specials, today.