Common Signs That Indicate Which Car Repair You Need

If you were to ask most drivers about the importance of personal transportation, they would tell you that their vehicle is one of their most valued assets in their lives. We rely on our cars and trucks to get us from point A to point B, whether those points are to and from work, carpooling, dropping the kids off at karate practice, or running errands, we need our vehicles to be reliable at all times. If you are starting to notice your car is performing different in anyway, you should investigate the issue before it becomes a more costly problem “down the road”, no pun intended.

Continue reading and match your car problem with its needed repair. Then call a professional and licensed mechanic for reputable Indianapolis auto repair services you can trust.

Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846
Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846

Signs That Suggest a Particular Type of Auto Repair

Brake Repair:

⚙ Squealing or Screeching Noises
⚙ Slower Stop Times
⚙ Crunching or Grinding Noises
⚙ Burnt Rubber Smell
⚙ Rattling Noises
⚙ Pulling in a Certain Direction

Engine/Transmission Repair:

⚙ Humming, Buzzing, Knocking, or Whining Noises
⚙ Engine Turns but Won’t Start Smoking
⚙ Increased Gas Consumption
⚙ Backfiring
⚙ Stalling
⚙ Bad Exhaust Smell
⚙ Tire Service and Repair:
⚙ Uneven Steering Wheel
⚙ Wobble-Like Drive
⚙ Excessive Vibrating
⚙ Pulling

Factory Scheduled Maintenance:

⚙ Dim or Burnt Out Lights
⚙ Engine Overheating
⚙ Slow Starting
⚙ Slower Braking
⚙ Stubborn or “Heavy” Steering Wheel
⚙ Squeaky Brakes
⚙ Smoking
⚙ Diminished AC
⚙ Reduced Gas Mileage

Check Engine Light On:

⚙ Wet Engine
⚙ Blown Gasket
⚙ Faulty O2 Sensors
⚙ Cracked Manifold
⚙ Pinched or Worn Fuel Injector O-Rings
⚙ Deteriorated Spark Plugs

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