Check Engine Light Repair
Indianapolis, Indiana
How frustrating is it to get in your car and notice that the check engine light has come on? It is a situation that virtually all drivers have experienced at one point or another, and continues to encumber the unsuspecting each day. Also known as a malfunctioning indicator lamp, or MIL, your check engine light is mostly frustrating because its underlying cause is so ambiguous. In order to know for sure why your MIL is illuminated, you will need to do some investigating. One of the most common reasons is a loose gap cap; so go ahead and check that first. If that doesn’t do the trick, you need a professional automotive diagnostic reading.

Come to Northeast Auto Service for prompt check engine light diagnosis you can trust. Our ASE certified car mechanics have more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the automotive service industry, and retain the latest technologies and innovative equipment to get your vehicle diagnosed, serviced, and released within a time frame that works for you. We offer a wide range of automotive repair services, and as a family owned and operated business, keep competitive a pricing a top priority. At our Indianapolis auto repair shop, you get dealership-level service at neighborhood prices, and an opportunity to take advantage of one of our various automotive repair coupons and discounts!

Whether your check engine light solution is a few spark plug replacements or major transmission replacement, we will get the job done right, and within a time frame that works for you. We also offer various customer amenities, some of which are free of charge, including free written estimates, free over-the-phone quotes, towing assistance, off-hours drop offs and pickups, and even free car care advice. From start to finish, we deliver straight talk, hard work, and unparalleled customer support. Contact us today at 317-475-1846 to learn why your check engine light is on, or just schedule service online, anytime. We look forward to helping you!
Check Engine Light Services:
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