Everyday Car Care Hacks You Really Need to Know

We are all looking for ways to save time, and one way we can do this is with some simple, everyday car care hacks! Continue below to learn a few tips and tricks that will help you improve your automotive maintenance practices and patterns, and ultimately, save you both time and money!

Indianapolis Auto Maintenance 317-475-1846
Indianapolis Auto Maintenance 317-475-1846

Gas Tank Location

Which side is the gas tank on? You have owned your car for years, and have pumped gas hundreds of times, yet you still get panicky every time you approach the fuel pump. We’ve all been there, and automotive engineers and manufacturers know this. That is why they have conveniently placed an arrow on your car’s dashboard, directly next to the fuel gauge. This arrow shows you which side of the car has the fuel tank. If there is no arrow, the icon location will instead indicate which side the fuel tank is on. What a life changer!

Lingering Odors

Does your car seem to constantly smell? Or perhaps it just has a lingering musty odor or staleness that turns you off? A great car care hack for this is essential oil! Simply locate a clothes pin, or even a bobbin pin and cotton ball, then dab a few drops onto it, stick it in the car vent, and turn on the air. The essential oil essence will fill your car with delightful, non-toxic aromas that will even set into the fabrics, leaving a longer lasting scent. Another trick is to tuck dryer sheets underneath seats to keep them smelling fresh.

Windshield Wiper Malfunctions

Although you have your windshield wipers and wiper fluid to rely on, it never hurts to have a backup plan when it comes to rain. One such hack is to use a spray-on rain resistant product. These products are perfectly safe for your car’s windshield, plus they are fairly priced and available at any local convenient store or automotive store. You can also order these products online. We Recommend Rain-X® 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner w/Rain Repellent, available at most department stores.

Worn Tires

If your tires are going bald, but you just can’t get to the auto repair shop for tire replacement service, you can simply lower your tire pressure just a bit, in order to get by for the time being. The lower tire pressure will give your vehicle more traction, which will allow you to drive a bit further without popping a tire. Need to measure your tire tread? Use a penny! In Indiana, this tire tread depth minimum is 2/32 of an inch for passenger car tires. This is measured from the top of the tire tread indicator, down to the top of the tread. You can use a penny to test this because the lettering over Abe Lincoln’s head on a penny measures out to exactly 2/32 of an inch tall! If you can see the letters, your tread is too low!

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