4 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

The price of fuel is ever-fluctuating in this economy, making most of us keen on conserving our gasoline whenever possible. Aside from not driving, there are some easy and effective ways to increase your gas mileage and save some money. Continue reading to learn the top 4 methods of obtaining better gas mileage, as well as, what to do if you suspect your fuel system is not performing as well as it should.

Indianapolis Fuel System Repair 317-475-1846
Indianapolis Fuel System Repair 317-475-1846

➀ Tire Pressure

Surprisingly, the amount of pressure you have in your tires can influence the amount of gasoline consumption.  This is because low tire pressure forces a car to exert more energy and work harder to get from one place to the next.  This uses a lot of fuel.  Be sure to check your tires on a monthly basis, and do not let radial tires trick you.  They can sometimes look completely inflated, but actually be low on pressure.

➁ AC Usage

It is hard to not always blast your vehicle’s AC on a scorching hot summer’s day.  Unfortunately, the frequent use of a car’s air conditioner uses a lot of fuel.  Try to roll down windows and keep a cool drink in your cup holder.  These are ways you can avoid using too much AC and wasting all your fuel.  Also, try parking in shady areas to keep the car cool when not in use.

➂ Aggressive Driving

Quick stops and sudden starts is often referred to as jackrabbit driving.  Aggressive and abrupt driving habits can not only use up a lot of fuel, it can potentially damage your vehicle.  If this describes your driving, try to slow down in the future.  Relaxed driving keeps your car at a comfortable status and reduces the amount times you have to fill up.

➃ Routine Car Maintenance

Having your car in optimal condition drastically improves the amount of miles it gets per gallon of gas.  This includes oil changes, tire rotations, brake services, engine cleanings, tune-ups, and much more.  Keeping your car in a condition that it can perform at its best reduces the amount of work the engine has to do to operate the vehicle.  Factory scheduled maintenance is crucial for any vehicle you own.  It has a huge influence on how long your vehicle will survive and how fast it uses its fuel.

Indianapolis Fuel System Repair

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What Happens if You Put the Wrong Type of Fuel in a Car?

Oops! You accidentally put unleaded gasoline into your diesel car engine. Now what? Well, automotive fuel systems are designed to use a specific type of fuel for optimal performance and efficiency. So if you use the incorrect type of fuel in your car or truck, you could be looking at some mechanical consequences.

Continue reading to learn what could happen if you use the incorrect type of fuel in your vehicle, including what you should do if you make this common fuel pump error.

Indianapolis Fuel System Repair 317-475-1846
Indianapolis Fuel System Repair 317-475-1846

Gas Pump Confusion

At modern-day gas stations, you will find a series of fuels to choose from, including unleaded, premium, diesel, and more. As a result, gas pump confusion and fueling mistakes happen every day. Most of the time, a fuel switch up is harmless, but when it involves diesel fuel, the result could be quite detrimental.

Gasoline in a Diesel Engine

If you have a diesel car engine, and you accidently use regular gasoline in the tank, you could be facing some serious damage, spanning from corroded fuel lines to complete engine failure. If you instantly realize you have made this mistake, do not start the car. Starting the engine can make the situation much worse, as it will send the fuel from the tank, through the fuel lines, and circulate it within the engine. Instead, you will need to immediately have your vehicle towed to a trusted mechanic to have the entire fuel system flushed out.

If you start the engine before realizing that you have put gasoline in your tank, unfortunately, the most likely result will be total engine breakdown, but not before the injection pump and the injectors experience complete mechanical failure. There is no telling when this breakdown might occur, but it is not safe to drive a vehicle under these impending conditions.

Why is it So Bad?

The reason why you cannot use regular gasoline in a diesel car engine mostly has to do with petroleum refining process. You see, the process of making gasoline (petroleum) gives the fuel much higher boiling points, roughly between 105 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Diesel fuel, on the other hand, boils between 500 and 650 degrees Fahrenheit, making it incompatible for gasoline designed automobiles.

On a more technical scope, diesel engines do not have spark plugs, and instead, use compression to ignite the fuel. Using gasoline in a diesel engine will result in an increased amount of pressure of the early ignition, which in turn, can damage pistons, warp connecting rods, and even blow the head off the engine.

Diesel Fuel in a Gasoline Engine

If you were to put diesel fuel into a car engine designed for standard gasoline, you can expect some complications, but none comparable the scope of using gasoline in a diesel engine. If this were to happen to you, simply follow the same advice as above. Do not start the car if you realize your mistake, and have it towed to a mechanic right away. If you do start the engine, the fuel pump, lines, filter, and other components may get ruined.

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Which Side is My Gas Tank On?

On the learning curve of driving a car, many of us have experienced that panicky rush after pulling up to the gas station and not remembering which side the gas tank is located on. Well, if this is still something you struggle with today, you will be glad to learn that there is a simple and quick way to remind yourself which side of the car is the side you fuel up on!

Continue reading to learn why some gas tanks are on the left side of cars and some are on the right, as well as, how to determine where your gas tank door is without having to get out of your vehicle.

Fuel System Service Repair 317-475-1846
Fuel System Service Repair 317-475-1846

Fuel Tank Doors

Automobile manufacturers design vehicles with the fuel tank both the left and right sides of the vehicle. The preference of left or right is largely influence by country or region. For instance, in America, we drive sitting in the left side of the car; so, most drivers prefer for the fuel tank door to be on the same side because it is easier to pull the left fender closer to the gas tank. In contrast, Europeans drive on the right side of a vehicle, and accordingly, it is common for European automobile manufacturers to place the fuel tank on the left side of the car.

More so than regional preference, the decision to put the fuel tank on the left or right side depends on the position of the components beneath the vehicle since it is difficult to route the filler tube to the same side on every vehicle. You see, if a vehicle is designed with large mechanism on the left beneath its carriage, such as a speaker, automotive engineers will put the fuel tank on the right where there is more room. So, when it comes to fuel tank position, it is not a random decision; there are various factors that influence where a fuel tank will be positioned within a vehicle.

Which Side is Your Tank On?

If you want to prevent the onset panic of pulling up to a gas pump and being unsure of which side your fuel tank is on, simply look at the gas pump icon on your dashboard. Near the fuel gauge or icon, you will see a small arrow, usually without a handle, like these “ƒ„.” Whichever side the point is facing is the side your fuel tank door is on! Now you will never have to worry about this problem, no matter which car or truck you drive in the future!

Fuel System Maintenance

It is important to take good care of your vehicle’s overall fuel system. Not only can it improve decrease fuel consumption and increase gas mileage, it can also improve your engine’s overall performance. This can also make your car or truck last years longer. Refer to your owners’ manual for recommendations regarding your make and model’s specific maintenance instructions. If you cannot locate your owners’ manual, you can download a new one online.

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What Does Fuel System Cleaner Do?

In order to better understand what a store-bought fuel system cleaner does, you might want to refresh your memory on the relative components in your vehicle’s fuel system.

Fuel System Repair 317-475-1846

Fuel System Repair 317-475-1846

Let’s start with the gas tank. Your gas tank is the main reservoir for fuel. It holds either diesel fuel or gasoline, depending on the make and model of your car or truck. Next we have the fuel lines, which are basically just small hoses that act as a transit system for fuel, carrying it from the tank to the engine.

Now, in order to keep those fuel lines clean and free of dirt and debris, your vehicle has fuel filters. These pick out all the grit and particles that can clog up the injectors. To get the fuel to the fuel injectors, your vehicle has a fuel pump. It pumps the fuel through the filters and then through the injectors.

We are getting very close! Fuel injectors have little nozzles that then spray a tiny amount of fuel into your engine’s cylinders. Here’s the fun part everyone likes: the spark plugs then come in and ignite that tiny spray of fuel in the cylinders, and POW! The crankshaft is powered up and your car’s in motion.

Fuel System Operation

Now that you’ve caught yourself up on a standard fuel system and how it operates, you can understand the importance of the fine spray of fuel that comes out of the injectors. You want this mist to be fine and delicate, much like spraying an aerosol can. The mist has to be thin, even, and just fine enough so that it can be perfectly ignited by the spark plugs. If the little fuel injector nozzles clog up, even in the slightest way, the spray becomes thick and streaky, making it much more difficult to fully-ignite. Not only does this result in reduced power and torque, it can quickly and dramatically increase fuel consumption.

Preventing Clogged Fuel Injectors

A store-bought fuel system cleaner is a great way to reduce the likelihood of clogged fuel injectors. Simply add the cleaner to your gas tank and then run the engine. Once the engine is quite warm, add another bottle of cleaner to remove additional grit and further eliminate heavy carbons deposits from the combustion chambers. Last, take your vehicle into a licensed automotive repair shop to have your air intake manually cleaned.

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