Consider the Gift of a Roadside Emergency Kit for New Drivers

With school back in season, your teenager is eager to put their brand-new drivers’ license to use, and say goodbye to carpools and school buses for good. But before handing those car keys over, there is one more gift to consider that will keep your teen safe and you at ease. We’re talking about a roadside emergency vehicle kit. With an emergency kit in your teen’s designated car, you can feel confident they won’t ever be stranded without any helpful supplies.

But roadside emergency kits can do far more for your teenager. They can also teach young drivers about preventative care, vehicle responsibility, and of course, driving safety. Continue reading to learn how to assemble the perfect roadside emergency vehicle kit, and where to find the best advice for vehicle maintenance.

Roadside Emergency Vehicle Kits

The best part about roadside emergency kits is that they are inexpensive and easy to assemble. All supplies can be found at any local automotive store for a reasonable price. You can customize your own kit, which means price will vary depending on the products you choose, or you can choose from a wide selection of pre-assembled roadside kits. Either choice is equally effective.

It is entirely up to you and the individual needs of your kid’s vehicle. For instance, if your teen’s car has old tires, it would be wise to include a spare, and parts to change a tire. And for those who live in climates where rain and precipitation is regular, it is wise to include extra windshield wiper fluid and spare blades. Simply choose a kit that includes everything you believe is relevant to your teen’s vehicle, climate, and driving habits.

Here are some recommendations for roadside emergency kits:

⚠ First Aid Kit
⚠ Portable USB Charger
⚠ Spare Tire
⚠ Car Jack
⚠ Jumper Cables
⚠ Tire Sealant
⚠ Automotive Fuses
⚠ Reflective Road Markers
⚠ Safety Flares
⚠ Distress Flags
⚠ Ice Scraper
⚠ Small Snow Shovel
⚠ Windshield Wiper Fluid
⚠ Flashlight w/Extra Batteries
⚠ Blanket
⚠ Whistle
⚠ Rain Poncho
⚠ Bottled Water
⚠ Non-Perishable Snacks
⚠ Emergency Road Manual
⚠ Leather Gloves
⚠ Duct Tape


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