Do I Have to Take My Foreign Vehicle to the Dealership for Auto Service?

When it comes to foreign cars, scheduled maintenance and repair is an important factor in the longevity and overall performance of the vehicle. For this reason, import car owners are motivated to stay on top of vehicle care and preventative maintenance. They take their vehicle’s factory scheduled maintenance agenda seriously, and never hesitate to call the mechanic when something feels a little off. Catching small problems early on is a cost-effective way to maintain a vehicle and avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

But as a foreign car owner, you may wonder if you are obligated to take your vehicle into the dealership for all repairs and services, or if you can use a trusted, independently-owned auto repair shop instead. This question is both understandable and important. Of course, we want the best for our vehicles, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend a ridiculous amount of money doing it.

Continue reading to learn whether or not your foreign car should be go to the dealership for service and repair.

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Dealership vs. Auto Repair Shop

It is important to ask questions about your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and service needs. Not only does this save you money in the long run, it increases the life or your car or truck. As for dealerships, the cost of maintenance and repair is inflated, since they have larger overhead costs and more staff to pay.  For this reason, it makes more sense to take your vehicle to a locally owned and operated auto repair shop for foreign car maintenance and repair.

But you may be asking if your vehicle’s warranty is still good at these places, or only at the dealership. Here is what you need to know: There are laws that require the factory to honor all vehicular warranties so long as all the proper documentation is retained showing that all the scheduled maintenance is being performed on time.

So, you can save time and money by taking your foreign car or truck to a local mechanic rather than a dealership. Just be sure to save all of your receipts and documents pertaining to all work completed on your vehicle, and have the mechanic sign your maintenance schedule book if your vehicle comes with one. Be sure to choose an Indianapolis auto repair shop that is licensed, experienced, and has a good reputation.

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3 Auto Care Services to Ensure Brake Performance and Longevity

Well-maintained braking systems in any automobile are a vital necessity in the process of ensuring quality performance and proper handling, as well as, longevity and safety. There are several steps a person can take to guarantee consistent brake function and durability. Continue reading to learn the three routine maintenance services for automotive braking systems that can greatly influence the lifespan and dependability of any vehicle.

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Road Testing

All vehicles need to start with a road test to see where their car or truck stands when it comes to the braking system. During a standard road test, a mechanic is looking for squeaking, clunking, or noticeable grinding. Also, pedal effort, dragging, brake warning lights, and similar components are other focus areas during a road test. Pulsating brake pedals, parking brake issues, and more are other issues that can be determined during a road test.


The next important part of brake maintenance services are inspections. An inspection of an automotive braking system should always be done by a licensed mechanic. Today’s braking systems are highly complicated. During a typical inspection, a mechanic is looking at the hydraulic system, hydraulic booster, the anti-lock brakes, vacuum booster, the drum brakes, the disc brakes, parking brakes, and tires. All these parts work together to promote a functioning brake system.

Recommended Car Brake Maintenance

Maintenance services for brakes should be done annually to ensure safety and performance.  Brake pads, brake rotors, and brake fluid all need changed and replaced.  On occasion, it is necessary to change out pads and rotors more often if the vehicle is driven more than usual.  Other services include lubricating the parking brake components and star wheel adjuster, and inflating all tires.

Also, the hydraulic system requires a flush and refill. Although not always necessary, braking systems may also require services such as freeing up bleeder screws and applying anti-seize to the threads.  Wheels, calipers, and tire rotations are also helpful for promoting optimal brake performance and safety.

Be sure to have your brakes tested, inspected, and serviced at least one time a year. It is important to protect yourself on the road, as well as other drivers. Trust a local Indianapolis automotive shop that specializes in the vehicle you own and operate. As long as you hire a licensed and experienced car repair specialists, you are in good hands. For tight wallets, look for shops that offer specials, deals, coupons, and discounts. This means they are a fair and honest shop that believes in their services enough to provide discounts for customers.

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