How to Make Your Own Windshield Wiper Deicer

Here in Indiana, you just can be too sure about the weather. The Groundhog saw his shadow on February 2nd, yet the snow still came soon after anyway. And just because the snow is almost melted away doesn’t mean that it wont soon be back. For this reason, we must all be prepared. One thing you can do to be ready for the next snowstorm is make your own windshield wiper deicing solution. So, next time your car’s windshield is taking too long to defrost, just whip out your trusty, homemade deicer, and watch in fascination just how fast it works. You will be asking yourself why you haven’t used this method all your life!

Continue reading to learn how to make your own, fast-acting windshield wiper deicer.

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What You Will Need

There really isn’t an easier and more effective solution to make than this homemade windshield deicer. That’s because you only need two ingredients and a plastic spray bottle. Which ingredients? Well, only readily available ones that you likely already have on hand: rubbing alcohol and water! You can also use Isopropyl alcohol if you do not have rubbing alcohol. Be sure to get a plastic bottle that is large enough to hold the total volume of liquid this recipe calls for, which is 24 ounces, or 3 cups.

☑ Rubbing Alcohol – 2 Cups (16 oz)
☑ Room Temperature Water – 1 Cup (8 oz)
☑ 32 Ounce Plastic Spray Bottle

How to Make Your Deicing Solutions

Combine 1 part water with 2 parts rubbing alcohol (or Isopropyl alcohol) into your plastic bottle. You can use the measurements listed above to make a 24 ounce solution, or you can simply use the 1:2 ratio to make your own amount of solution.

To use your solution, simply spray your windshield generously while your car’s defrost is on. Then watch as the frost melts away!

Store your solution in your car. Rubbing alcohol won’t freeze until the climate reaches 28 degrees below zero! So, it will always be ready for use, no matter how cold it is outside.

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