How Do I Know if My Car Needs Brake Repair?

Car brakes are one of the single most important components on any vehicle. When car brakes start to evince signs that suggest deterioration, it is crucial to have them inspected for repair or replacement immediately. Optimal braking capability is vital in order to avoid life threatening collisions and other on or off road accidents. Continue reading to learn more about how to read the signs your car brakes are giving you, and what steps to take to attain the highest degree of brake safety.

Brake Repair Mechanics 317-475-1846

Brake Repair Mechanics 317-475-1846

⚠ Squeaking and Squealing

One of the most common signs of brake wear and tear is hearing a high-pitched squeaking noise every time pressure is applied to the brakes. This squealing sound can range from mild to extremely loud, depending on the extent of damage. These sounds are blunt indications that the vehicle’s brake pads are wearing thin, or almost entirely gone. Brake pads are manufactured with a mechanism that exposes itself once the pad has worn down. The exposed piece creates the reverberation to warn drivers that their pads are dangerously low. When a driver hears this indicator, it is advised that they have the brake pads replaced within one month; otherwise, the vehicle may lose its ability to stop altogether.

⚠ Prolonged Deceleration

If a driver begins to notice that their vehicle is taking longer to come to a complete stop, then it is likely that the indicators are worn through on the brake pads. This is a dangerous situation because slow braking times can put everyone on the road at high risk for car accidents. It can be especially dangerous in bad weather, snow, and rainy seasons.

⚠ Vibrating Steering Wheel

When a steering wheel starts to shake and tremble, then the rotors may be to blame. Brake rotors are just as vital as the pads, but work in different ways. Rotors don’t have to be replaced as often as pads; instead, they only need exchanged with every second or third set of brake pads, depending on the year, make and model vehicle.

⚠ Leaky Brake Fluid

Evidence of brake fluid leakage can be a significant sign that your brakes are in bad shape and your fluid is low. When brake fluid leaks outside of a car, it is typically because the brakes are so worn, tiny holes are exposed in the lines, allowing brake liquid to pass through. Leaky brake fluid is an indication of serious brake damage. They should be inspected and repaired immediately to avoid dangerous collisions and accidents on the road. A quick trip to the mechanic and simple re-fill of brake fluid can turn a scenario like this around in no time.

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