A Simple Guide to Flushing a Car Radiator

For radiators to be effective, they must stay cool. And in order to ensure this, they must be flushed on a routine basis, or at least once per year. In fact, car radiator flushing is one of the most important routine maintenance jobs and must be done to keep vehicles operational over time. Fortunately, it can be done on your own.  It’s also quick and inexpensive to do! 

Continue reading to review a quick guide to flushing a car radiator in the comfort of your own garage or driveway.

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ASE Certified Car Radiator Flushes 317-475-1846

Gather Your Supplies First

The first thing to do when it comes to flushing a car radiator is gather up all the necessary supplies and materials. This includes a funnel, cloth rag, coolant, radiator flush solution, Phillips screwdriver or wrench, separate container for old coolant, and extra rags for accidents and spills. When you have determined that all your supplies are in place, you can begin the process of flushing the radiator. 

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Before you remove the radiator cap, be sure the car engine is COMPLETELY cool; otherwise you run the risk of spilling hot coolant on yourself. Next, flush the used coolant out of the radiator. Do this by locating the radiator drain plug. It is typically located at the bottom of the radiator. If you have trouble finding it, refer to your owners’ manual or look online for pictures and instructional videos. You can also contact a professional mechanic for over-the-phone assistance.

Once you find the drain plug, place the container for old coolant under the drain and open it up. Let the old coolant flow out for a few minutes; if it seems to be moving slow, check to see if the plug is all the way open. When the radiator is empty, replace the drain plug and open the radiator cap. Next, pour the flush cleaning solution inside. Fill the remaining space inside the radiator with room temperature water.

Now you are ready to replace the radiator cap; just be sure it is screwed on tight.  It is possible for caps to fall off, which allows coolant to escape from the radiator.  Let the car engine run until it reaches its normal driving temperature.  Then turn it off and let it cool completely.

Once the car engine is cool again, you are ready to flush the solution from the radiator and add fresh clean coolant.  Use the same emptying process as before. Use a 50/50 solution of coolant and water to get optimal and safe results.  You can find premixed coolants at your local auto store.  This is sometimes more convenient. 

😳 Didn’t quite do the trick? Enlist a licensed mechanic for the job! Professional car radiator flushing is fast and affordable!

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