Three Basic Types of Torque Wrenches for Auto Repair

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Indianapolis Auto Repair and Service 317-475-1846

Whether you are experienced with implementing your own car maintenance and repair, or just like to change your own tires every now and then, a torque wrench is a must-have for the tool box. Although there are countless varieties of torque wrenches available, there are three basic kinds that are used specifically for automotive applications. These would be the perfect go-to options for a car care tool kit! Continue reading to learn more about each type!

Flex Bar Torque Wrenches

Also referred to as “scale” or “beam” type torque wrenches, these are easily distinguishable by their stationary needle that runs along the length of the shaft handle. The needle visually specifies the applied torque against a scale at the base of the handle.

Dial Indicator Torque Wrenches

Like flex bar wrenches, dial indicator torque wrenches also come with a visual display that indicates the applied torque. They are also admired for the quality control in monitoring and verifying torque measurements.

Sound-Indicating Torque Wrenches

Sound-indicating torque wrenches are also called “micrometer” wrenches because they read on a micrometer scale. When the preset torque value is reached, they will make an audible clicking noise by briefly releasing the wrench a few degrees.

Torque Wrench Tips:

🔧 Be very delicate with your torque wrench. You do not want to upset the balance or accuracy of this precision instrument.

🔧 Do not over-tighten an adjustable torque wrench. When used in a low setting, you may not be able to hear the clicking noise.

🔧 Never read the visual display on a flex bar or dial torque wrench at an angle. For accurate measurements, read the display straight on.

🔧 For safety and accuracy, hold your torque wrench at the center of the grip handle. Do not try to use handle extenders, and do not place your hand too close to the wrench head.

🔧 For adjustable torque wrenches, always keep them on their lowest reading when not in use. Failure to do so can result in inaccurate measurements and readings.

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