The Most Common Tire Brands for Cars and Trucks

Any automotive expert will tell you how important it is to have dependable tires on your vehicle.  Good tires provide quality performance over a long period of time.  They significantly affect the handling and fuel economy of a vehicle and ensure a safer drive in all kinds of weather conditions.  Whether its all-season tires, snow tires, or summer tires; be sure to understand the differences between brands to match the right set of tires to your specific needs and budget.

Continue reading to learn some interesting facts about some of the more popular tire brands on the market today and remember these notes for the next time you need a new set of wheels for your vehicle!

Car Maintenance and Tire Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-475-1846
Car Maintenance and Tire Service Indianapolis Indiana 317-475-1846

Top 3 Car Tire Brands and Their Features


Bridgestone tires are a very popular tire brand used throughout the entire country. The Bridgestone brand is known for its high durability in all-season weather. These tires are manufactured with a specialized tread compound that maximizes rolling resistance, which in turn, improves fuel economy and saves you money when filling up! The resistance allows more energy to return to the tire and reduce heat generation. 

It is a wonderful and state-of-the-art feature. Bridgestone tires are well-known for their quiet ride, durability, dry performance, wet performance, and ride comfort as well. Their tire line includes summer tires, snow tires, all-season tires, and more. Bridgestone comes as a highly recommended tire brand. Dueler, Turanza, Ecopia, and Potenza are popular models of Bridgestone tires. 


The Michelin brand tire engineers focused on safety, longevity, and performance when designing the Michelin tire lines. This brand is well-known for quality tires at an affordable cost.  They provide advanced braking technology, optimized fuel efficiency, superb handling, and better control. Popular Michelin tire choices include the Michelin Pilot®, Michelin Defender®, and Michelin Energy™ Saver A/S lines. They also offer snow tires, truck tires, all-weather tires, summer tires, and more!


Goodyear tires are another popular tire brand. Goodyear has been around for as long as the other tire manufacturers mentioned before. Since 1898, the Goodyear name has influenced the history of the tire industry and the technological advancements seen and used on the road today. There is no telling where Goodyear will take tire advancement next; but as for today, their teams of engineers, scientists, technicians, and other specialists are hard at work developing new technologies and innovations for the future of driving. 

Michelin offers a wide selection of quality tires for all seasons, vehicles, and uses. Some of the more admired tire brands include Goodyear Eagle®, Goodyear Assurance®, Goodyear Fortera®, Goodyear Wrangler®, and the Goodyear Ultra Grip® winter tire line. There are several other fantastic and high quality tires on the Goodyear line for all types of vehicles, from SUV’s to trucks, cars, and more.

Tires on the Same Axel Should Match

Tire manufacturers design the particular tread pattern on tires. The science behind tread patterns is that it is supposed to enhance traction, channel mud, water, and snow away, and more. These tread patterns, can however, create a condition known as “tread steer” which causes the grooves to catch areas of the road that are irregular. This is not an issue if both the front and rear tires have different tread patterns. It is only a problem is tires on the same axle have different tread patterns.

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