Simple Instructions for Engine Cleaning and Detailing

Regular scheduled maintenance and routine care are imperative when it comes to cars or trucks. The engine is one of the most vital components to maintain. Regular engine cleaning for any make or model car and truck will protect it from major damages and costly breakdowns. There are several ways to approach cleaning a car engine; however, it’s strongly recommended to understand and educate oneself on the best practices of engine maintenance. Continue reading to learn the easiest and most effective ways to clean a car engine at home.

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Indianapolis Engine Repair 317-475-1846

Step-By-Step Guide to Engine Cleaning

First, find an area outside that is far from a storm drain or sewer. You do not want the soapy runoff to enter these trenches because it can have harmful effects on the surrounding environment. There will be engine sludge and other waste that you will need to responsibly dispose of; so find a place ahead of time and have a plan to make the process smoother.

If your engine is very heavily soiled, it is helpful to turn it on and let it run for five minutes or so. This will loosen accumulated dirt, grease, and debris. Do not let the engine run too long because it will become too hot to touch by hand. Once this is done, remove the negative battery and the positive battery cables. Be sure it is in this order.

You are almost ready to start cleaning at this point, but you still need to make sure water and soap will not enter parts of the vehicle. Grab some plastic tarp, or bags, and use them to cover the electrical components and other areas that you don’t want to get wet.

Locate a thick bristled brush, such as a stiff paint brush, and begin scraping away the accumulated fragments and dirt on the engine’s surface. This makes the lathering process more effective. To start this step, mix a solution of dish detergent, preferably liquid, and warm water. Dish detergent has grease-fighting elements in it that cut through engine grease well.

Use the thick brush to apply the solution and scrub the engine inside and out. This step requires a little elbow grease, so be prepared to put in some effort. The more you scrub the more thorough the cleaner the engine will turn out.

Use a garden hose to lightly rinse the soap and residue away. Be sure to let the engine dry completely before turning it over. Driving with a wet engine can inflict serious and costly damages. Remove the plastic and store for the next scheduled cleaning.

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