How to Wash Your Car Using the Rain

Did you know that a clean vehicle is a happy vehicle? Okay, so our cars don’t actually have feelings, but it can be argued that a clean car has better drive-ability and aerodynamics. Also, neglecting to wash your car regularly will subject it to years of piled up residue, which can cause paint erosion, rust, and more. This type of damage has a devastating effect on a vehicle’s overall value. On the flip side, washing your car too often can be viewed as a monumental waste of water. So, how do you find the happy medium? By using nature to wash and rinse your car instead!

Continue reading to learn how to wash your car naturally using nothing but environmentally-friendly cleanser and rainwater.

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The Clean Facts About Rainwater

Rainwater contains a load of healthy elements. In fact, it has always been rumored that rainwater does wonders for your hair! So, it should do the same for a car; right? But can rainwater really wash a vehicle? Well yes! The force and consistency of a rainstorm produces enough precipitation and pressure to remove caked-up pollen, tree sap, dead bugs, dirt, and other common exterior residues. So, once you have removed the heavy grime from the exterior of your vehicle, a good rainstorm every so often is all you need! But to remove heavier grime, you will need to take a few steps before the rain comes.

How to Do It

Choose a non-toxic, eco-friendly mild dish soap to use for car washing purposes. This type of cleanser is safe for the environment, as well as, yourself and your vehicle. You can find an organic, non-toxic dish cleaner at any local grocery or home improvement store for a fair price. Consider Method® dish soap – 18 oz. – $3. 

Don a bathing suit or some other type of outfit you don’t mind getting wet and possible soapy. Apply several drops of your liquid soap to a large, soggy sponge. Then simply scrub away, all over your vehicle, including your tires and wheels. Then just sit back and wait for the rain to rinse it all clean!

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