The 4 Types of Eco-Friendly Cars

In today’s generation, the motivation to preserve, reuse, and recycle is at its highest. And for very good reason. Conserving energy, fuel, and Earth’s natural resources is in the best interests of our environment, and the future of mankind.

One of the newest “eco-initiatives” is happening in the automotive industry. Automakers from across the globe are finding new ways to make cars more efficient and eco-friendly. There are four primary types of eco-friendly vehicles available on the market today. Continue reading to learn more about these cars, and what they have to offer in terms of green-living.

Eco-Friendly Driving

Owning and driving an eco-friendly car comes with several benefits. Not only are they less expensive than standard model vehicles, they are more fuel-efficient since they do not operate on fuel alone, which offers both financial and environmental incentives. And many even come with tax rebates. There are four different types of eco-friendly vehicles bought and sold on the automotive market: 1) Hybrid, 2) Electric, 3) Diesel, and 4) Biodiesel vehicle. Each type encompasses their own individual benefits.

Hybrid Cars

We start with Hybrid vehicles because they are among the most popular and driven eco-friendly cars in the country. They are most known for their ability to partially run on electricity, which saves on fuel costs. And they also don’t idle, saving even more fuel and energy. But they also reduce toxic emissions by releasing less exhaust into the environment.

Drivers are enthusiastic about the torque quality as well, and love how their cars deliver instant acceleration. Hybrid cars generally come with tax rebates, so be sure to ask your tax associate about your recent Hybrid car purchase to get a generous write-off. Hybrid cars are being improved upon year after year, and a great option for eco-friendly driving.

Electric Cars

Electric cars offer the same benefits and incentives as Hybrid vehicles, but still retain their own individual features. In contrast to hybrids, electric cars run solely on electricity, and do not use any fuel at all. Instead of filling up the gas tank, electric car drivers have to charge their vehicles to full power. Charging is simple, and electric cars self-charge every time the driver accelerates. But charging stations must also be installed at home for full-charging capabilities.

Diesel Cars

The oldest of all the eco-friendly cars, diesel-powered vehicles have been around for a long time. Before, diesel fuel was challenging, but with modern advancements, diesel fuel is now an eco-friendly option. Diesel-powered cars use less fuel than gasoline-powered vehicles. This means diesel goes a lot further than standard gasoline, and is up to 20% more efficient in comparison. These cars also have quality engines that require less maintenance, and tend to last much longer.

Biodiesel Cars

Very similar to diesel-powered vehicles, biodiesel cars provide fuel and energy-efficient incentives. The major difference is that biodiesel is man-made, and burns much cleaner. Not only does this make biodiesel easy to manufacture, it also makes it safer for the environment.

Popular Eco-Friendly Vehicles:

• Ford C Max – Hybrid
• Toyota Camry – Hybrid
• Ford Focus – Electric
• Tesla Model S – Electric
• Fiat 5e – Electric
• Chevy Volt – Electric
• Jeep Grand Cherokee – Diesel
• BMW Series 3 – Diesel
• Chevy Cruze – Biodiesel
• Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC – Biodiesel

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