How to Check Your Car Tires for Wear and Tear

Without tires, our vehicles go nowhere. So we need to make sure we check them often. There are many reasons why you should periodically check the condition of your vehicle’s tires. But the most important ones have to do with safety, performance, and gas mileage. By ensuring your vehicle’s tires are in good condition, you are better ensuring your safety while out on the road, as well as, improving your vehicle’s gas mileage and performance. And all you really need is a penny and a few minutes to get this done! Continue reading to for a helpful guide to car tire inspection and care.

What to Look For

It is recommended to inspect the state of your vehicle’s tires at least every month, and always after driving through rugged terrain (i.e. off roads, gravel, construction zones, river rock, etc.). When doing so, you should be checking for three things:

1. Physical Wear and Tear
2. Tire Alignment
3. Tire Pressure

The Penny Test

What is commonly referred to as the “penny test” in the automotive service industry, is a simple and effective method of assessing a tire’s tread. And you really only need a penny to do it. Once you have your penny in hand, insert it into the groove of your tire. If you can see Lincoln’s head, it means the tread is low and it is time to replace your vehicle’s tires. It’s that easy!

Tire Inflation

If you check your tire tread and it’s in good shape, you are ready to examine the tire pressure. Proper tire pressure is important for a variety of reasons, mostly in terms of safety, but also for handling, traction, and fuel consumption. Low tire pressure will also cause tires to wear unevenly, needing them to be replaced sooner. So it is vital to catch low tire pressure early on and correct it as soon as possible. Use a tire pressure gauge to measure the pressure in your vehicle’s tires. You can purchase this tool for a few dollars at any automotive or hardware store. Check your vehicle’s owners’ manual for instructions on how to check tire pressure, or call your local auto repair shop for free advice. And don’t forget to check your spare tire too!

Tire Alignment

Once you have checked your tire pressure, you need to check the alignment. Test drive your car, and look for signs of shaking or pulling to one side. These are signs of alignment issues, in which case, you’ll need to visit your local mechanic for auto alignment services. While you are there, they will also balance and rotate your tires, which is a critical part of tire care.

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