The Types of Brakes in Cars and Trucks

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Automotive Brake Repair 317-475-1846

Brakes are the most important component on a vehicle and knowing all about them can prevent accidents and help you get them repaired at a reasonable cost. Knowing the different parts to a car’s braking system certainly gives you an advantage at an auto repair shop. It also can help you understand the importance of maintaining and caring for your brakes while driving. Here are some different terms regarding brakes in trucks and other vehicle that can help you learn more about braking systems and how they work.

Brake Shoes

Brake shoes and brake pads are generally the same thing. They are sheet metal linings that support and facilitate friction and manage heat caused by the friction to stop a car.

Drum Brakes

A drum brake is a rotating brake part shaped like a drum that is attached to the wheel of the vehicle. When pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the master cylinder pushes brake shoes against the inner surface of the brake drum, creating friction that stops or slows the vehicle.

Clasp Brake

This type of brake creates friction by pushing the pads and shoes against the outer surface of the brake drum. This creates the friction needed to stop or slow a car.

Parking Brakes and Anti-Lock Brakes

A car or trucks’ parking brake uses cables from the rear brake to prevent a rolling while in its parked position. Anti-lock brakes are a fantastic safety feature that prevents wheel-locking when forced to make sudden stops. This reduces sliding and skidding, and promotes quicker stop times. It is usually a computerized system call ABS. It uses wheel speed sensors to monitor wheel rotation and anticipate when the ABS needs to turn on.

Car Brake Safety

Car brakes are a crucial part to auto safety. If you suspect that your brakes are not working properly or may need some maintenance, be sure to act on that immediately. You may need to have your brake pads or brake rotors replaced, or just a tire rotation. Either way, brake problems are not issues that anyone can afford to ignore. If you are experiencing braking issues, have your car or truck looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

If you plan to change or maintenance your car or truck brakes on your own, be sure to do so only if you have knowledge and formal training repair braking systems. Your car brakes are a very serious repair and a huge responsibility. One small misstep or loose screw in the repair process can be fatal. Again, it is very important to have a licensed mechanic guide you to proper brake repair and maintenance

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