5 Automotive Warning Lights You Need to Know

There are many types of warning lights that will notify you when a mechanical issue is underway within your vehicle, including problems with tire pressure, the engine, the brakes, and more. The exact types of warning lamps you have in your ride depends on the actual make and model. Older model vehicles may only have one or two types of warning lights, while newer models are typically manufactured to have most, if not all, of the most common warning lights.

The top 5 most common automotive warning lights are for anti-lock brakes, engine, oil pressure, tire pressure, and battery. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about them all.

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Screen display of car status warning light on dashboard panel symbols which show the fault indicators

Top 5 Automotive Warning Lights

💡 ABS Lights – ABS stands for anti-lock brakes. This means when a driver needs to suddenly brake, the ABS system will prevent the wheels from locking and losing traction on the road. It allows a vehicle to retain tractive contact with the road in order to come to a sudden stop. The ABS system is an important one for all vehicles because it significantly reduces the chances of wrecking a car or causing an accident. It is also great for winter weather and precipitation.

💡 Check Engine Light – Most drivers are familiar with the check engine light, also known as the malfunctioning indicator lamp (MIL). When this light illuminates, it could be for a variety of reasons, ranging from minor to serious. For example, a lit check engine light can signify something small like a loose gas cap, or it can signify something much more serious like a needed catalytic converter replacement. If this light comes on, have your vehicle inspected by a licensed car mechanic as soon as possible. It is strongly recommended to not drive a car when the engine light is on.

💡 Oil Pressure Light – This light comes on when a vehicle’s oil levels are low. A car needs motor oil to keep the engine lubricated and prevent overheating. Without proper oil levels, a car or truck can experience significant and irreversible damage to its engine. This is a very costly repair that can easily be avoided with regular factory scheduled maintenance.

💡 Battery Lights – There are several reasons why a vehicle’s battery light may illuminate. It could signify a problem with the alternator drive belt, the slack starter, or complete alternator failure. These are serious and should be addressed immediately before driving the vehicle again.

💡 Tire Pressure Lights – When this light comes on, a driver can assume that their tires need more air. Low tire pressure can reduce gas mileage, but more seriously, can cause tire blowouts, hydroplaning, and car wrecks. Always be sure your tires are in good condition and full of the appropriate amount of air. Never over-fill tires with air because it can cause them to pop or blowout as well.

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Safety Tips for DIY Car Radiator Inspection

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Car Radiator Repair 317-475-1846

When a vehicle is in motion, or simply running, you can bet that the engine is producing a mass amount of heat. This heat can quickly build up and destroy an engine if proper care and attention is not given. One of the principle factors to not letting a car engine overheat, is to protect and responsibly maintain its coolant system. This means regular antifreeze refills and car radiator flushes. Coolant should be inspected just as often as other routine car fluid maintenance schedules; like oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, battery fluid, and more. A vehicle is a serious responsibility, and requires a certain level of attention in order to ensure proper performance, safety, and longevity. Continue reading to learn more about car radiators and tips for safe inspection.

Car Radiators

The most common injury sustained when it comes to DIY car radiator inspections and service is upper extremity burns. Hands, fingers, palms, forearms, and more are all vulnerable to the strikingly intense burn that comes from boiling-hot car radiators and caps. The first thing to master before checking your own car radiator, is to avoid getting burned.

Here’s some tips on avoiding radiator burns:

⚙ Turn Off the Ignition and Wait for the Engine to Cool Completely

Just because the hood of a vehicle feels cool or slightly warm to the touch DOES NOT mean the radiator fluid inside is cool. If this liquid has not come down from its boiling temperatures yet, neither has the radiator.

⚙ Always Use a Rag or Burn-Resistant Glove

It is encouraged to use a rag, cloth, or burn-resistant glove even AFTER the engine has cooled down. As mentioned before, a seemingly cool vehicle may still pose a burn-threat underneath the hood. It is best to unscrew the radiator cap with some sort of skin protection, like a towel or glove. Remember the system is pressurized. It is better to be safe then screaming!

⚙ Always Tilt the Cap

When you are removing the cap to the radiator, be sure to always tilt the cap away from your face. This avoids getting sprayed in the face with any pressurized antifreeze that has worked its way up the system. Again, make sure the vehicle has cooled down before attempting to open the radiator cap!

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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before Hiring a Mechanic

Are you in need of auto repair but don’t know who to hire for the job? If so, you are in the same position as thousands of Hoosiers across Indianapolis. You know it is vital to choose the right automotive shop to ensure proper care for your vehicle, as well as, trusted and professional customer service. But with so many companies in the city to choose from, how DO you choose? Well for starters, you must know what to look for. Continue reading to learn 3 important questions to ask yourself before making a final decision on a car mechanic for your vehicle.

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Auto Repair Service 317-475-1846

Are They ASE Certified Mechanics?

The most important credential to look for in an automotive shop is whether or not they employ ASE certified, licensed mechanics. On top of ASE certification, you must also ask yourself about their length of experience. Certification and experience are the two key components that make a mechanic proficient in automotive service and repair. If they have both, you are on course.

Do They Provide Written Estimates?

You want to make sure the automotive shop provides written estimate, whether free or not. By providing written estimates, clients can feel comfortable going through all the charges and fees for a clear and concrete understanding of their final bill. And then they will sign the estimate before the shop moves forward with any work. This offer shows that an auto repair shop is not in the practice of tacking on hidden or extra service charges at the last minute. You will pay what you signed for in the beginning.

What Do Their Clientele Have to Say?

A great way to determine what to expect from an automotive shop is to read past customer reviews. Be sure to read the most recent ones first for a more accurate understanding of their current service. Customer reviews will reveal personal experiences, painting you a picture of how they do business with their clients.

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Where Can I Find My Car’s Service Maintenance Schedule?

If you are looking for a car service maintenance schedule for a particular make and model vehicle, you shouldn’t have much trouble. That is because finding one is easy to do! In fact, they can usually be found in your vehicles owner’s manual.

But sometimes, that tiny little book goes missing after so many years. But not to worry since replacing it is inexpensive and simple. Most often, it’s even free! Continue reading to learn where to find a replacement service maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Owner’s Manuals

As mentioned, the first place to look for your vehicle service maintenance schedule is the owner’s manual. Generally, this comes with the paperwork when you purchase your car. In most of the time it’s located in the glove compartment, but it can also be located in the trunk, under a seat, or in a pouch behind a seat. If you didn’t purchase a car brand-new, the manual is usually in the glove compartment. If it’s not there, and it’s not anywhere else, simply move on to your other two options!


Virtually all car maintenance schedules are available online via PDF downloads. There are several websites you can visit that offer downloadable generic vehicular maintenance schedules; some are free and some are for a small fee. Just be sure to choose a secure website before paying for anything. Most often, the free downloads are just as good.


If the above two options fail you, simply visit a bookstore or library’s automotive section. Many local libraries actually carry car owner manuals, while bookstores are usually a guaranteed place to find information regarding your cars particular make and model. Depending on which publication you choose, prices will vary. Owner manuals can cost anywhere from $2 to $100 or more.

Local Mechanic

You may also be able to visit your local auto repair shop and get free information regarding your vehicles service maintenance schedule. Simply give your trusted mechanic a call and ask!

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