Advantages of Rebuilt Car Engines

The engine is the heart of every vehicle. Without a properly functioning engine, a vehicle cans imply not perform. This is why engine maintenance and routine care is so important. Taking good care of a car or truck engine can ensure a longer-lasting, higher performing, vehicle. Unfortunately, a car or truck might need an engine replacement. In these cases, many people tend to get overwhelmed with the thought of purchasing a brand new engine. The truth is, not many car owners are aware that buying a refurbished car engine is a possibility. Continue reading to learn more about rebuilt car engines and how they benefit drivers and vehicle owners, every day.

Refurbished Car Engines

Re-manufactured, or rebuilt engines, are fantastic alternatives to purchasing brand new car engines. Although their parts are not new, and have seen a few thousand miles or so, they are still functional as an engine replacement. These engines have been taken apart, dismantled, inspected, serviced, cleaned, and given needed upgrades in order to get them performing once again. Their piston-cylinder systems are reformed, all bearings are re-lubricated, camshafts are reground, and more. Parts that need minor repairs are taken care of, while other smaller parts are simply replaced with working ones; including timing belts, gaskets, and rods. Not only are refurbished car engines much less expensive than new ones, they can also extend the longevity of a vehicle if the right one is installed. You see, rebuilt motors can have everything from brand new parts, used parts, and functional existing parts. All this together makes one operational motor. Be sure to always ask for a warranty if purchasing a rebuilt engine.

The benefits of purchasing refurbished motors are plentiful. For one, they are finally meeting the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications. Also, they cost much less than a brand new engine or vehicle. In fact, some new models are more expensive than the vehicle whose motor needs replaced! For older vehicles, refurbished is the recommended avenue to take. Ford, Toyota, and Honda are the suggested and most popular used and rebuilt motors in demand.

Routine maintenance is vital for all make and model vehicles. Not only does this increase longevity, it also promotes higher performance values, reliability, and less repair costs. Routine factory scheduled maintenance includes oil changes, fluid changes, tire rotations and balancing, tire pressure, inspections, brake inspections, battery maintenance, air filter cleaning or replacement, transmission service, wiper blades, fuel systems, coolant flushes, bulbs, and more.

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Please Recycle Your Car Battery

Every car’s battery will eventually need to be replaced. Most people take their cars into a certified auto shop and have them removed and replaced by a professional; while others are able to change their car battery themselves. Either way, it is crucial that the battery is disposed of properly, or even better, recycled. Here are the reasons why you should be careful when disposing a car battery, and why it is even better to recycle them.

Car Battery Disposal

Car batteries cannot just be thrown away in the trash like the rest of our garbage. The disposal of car batteries should be taken very seriously. An average 12 volt car battery contains heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and hazardous materials. These toxins can jeopardize the safety of animal, plant, and human health. Water pollution and soil contamination are just a few serious consequences of improper battery disposal. Always be sure to look up the proper ways to dispose of car batteries in your neighborhood, or, consult a professional for assistance.

If you are disposing of a car battery on your own, be sure to know how to safely handle one. Always wear gloves and safety goggles, and make sure the battery is always facing up when stored or transported.

Benefits of Recycling Car Batteries

Car batteries should always be recycled, even if they are depleted. Car batteries are still useful in their after-life because they contain reusable materials that can be easily recycled into new car batteries. Materials such as lead, plastic, and battery acid can all be reused for alternative parts and new car batteries. It can be easy to recycle your car battery; many recycling centers will simply accept your old battery without notice or fees. Also, most auto mechanics will recycle your old car battery for you if you have the new one installed at their auto repair shop. There is also a program that runs throughout the United States and Canada called the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). It allows businesses and people to recycle their car batteries for free.

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General Auto Electrical Repair for Cars and Trucks

Auto electrical repairs make up the majority of our automotive fixes. This is because most of our vehicles are electronic and electronics are delicate applications that can break or malfunction anytime. When it comes to auto electrical repairs, be sure to know what to look for and who to trust for reliable repair and maintenance. Although you may think DIY auto repair is a thrifty approach, it is highly recommended to have a licensed mechanic take a look at your vehicle. Continue reading to review some general automotive electrical repairs and maintenance for cars and trucks, and where to look for the best service in town.

Auto Electrical Repair and Services

Although DIY auto electrical repair is not recommended, unless you are an experienced mechanic, it is helpful to know what to look for and how to troubleshoot auto electric issues in your car or truck. Here is a general list of auto electrical components and repairs that are standard in old and new model vehicles:

• Starters and Alternators
• Power Windows
• Car Stereo Systems
• Automatic Locks
• Alarms
• HVAC Controls
• Instrument Gauges
• Battery Issues
• Cruise Control
• Engine Lights
• Tail Lights, Head Lights, Etc.
• Interior Car Lights
• Wire Stripping
• Fuses
• Signal Relay Times
• ABS Relay
• ABS Controller
• And More

A licensed and experienced mechanic is the person to call for auto electric maintenance and repair. If you are interested in DIY work, you can always call a mechanic for information and advice. A vehicle’s electrical components are important assets that require consistent maintenance and proper repair. Keep an eye on the above areas and components for possible electrical interruption or complications; and then call a professional for help if you notice any problems.

Auto Electrical Repair Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

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