Why is it Important to Use an ASE Certified Car Mechanic?

ASE Certified Mechanics 317-475-1846

ASE Certified Mechanics 317-475-1846

When you need auto repair, the process of finding a skilled and dependable mechanic can be overwhelming. With so many shops to choose from, you might feel like it is simply a guessing game. So you just blindly choose because you have no idea how to pinpoint the okay mechanics from the truly great ones.

Well fortunately, there is a national program in place that eliminates all the guess work involved in finding a reliable mechanic. It is called ASE certification, and it proves that an individual is a legitimate industry specialist. Continue reading to learn about ASE certifications, and why it is important to choose a mechanic with this type of professional accreditation.

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) created a national, non-profit program that helps car owners find reliable auto repair, and allows mechanics stand out from their competitors. ASE tests and certifies the technical competence of individual automotive professionals (not auto repair facilities) in all areas of major automotive service and repair. Testing is extensive and comprehensive, including several hands-on tests, but also 8 written exams: Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Brakes, Heating and Air Conditioning, Suspension and Steering, Manual Drive Train and Axles, and Automatic Transmissions. There are also exams for specialty services like collision repair, painting, and more.

Prior to testing, automotive professionals generally take training classes, complete educational courses, and study extensively for quite some time. When an automotive professional completes and passes all ASE testing, they earn “Master Technician Status” and receive their official ASE certification. It proves their skill and adeptness to employers and clients alike, but only lasts 5 years. This means mechanics must retest prior to their certification expiration to be re-certified. ASE tests are administered in over 400 locations throughout the country, by a well-known testing organization called Prometric.

Finding Reliable Auto Repair

It is very important to look for ASE certification if you care about hiring a mechanic that can get the job done right the first time, and in a convenient time frame. You won’t have to worry about choosing a “fly-by-the-night” auto garage ever again.

Indianapolis Auto Repair

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for ASE certified auto repair specialists in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our team is highly skilled, with decades of experience in the automotive service and repair industry. We offer a wide range of foreign and domestic auto service and specialize in major engine work. Call 317-475-1846 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis auto repair, today.

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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before Hiring a Mechanic

Are you in need of auto repair but don’t know who to hire for the job? If so, you are in the same position as thousands of Hoosiers across Indianapolis. You know it is vital to choose the right automotive shop to ensure proper care for your vehicle, as well as, trusted and professional customer service. But with so many companies in the city to choose from, how DO you choose? Well for starters, you must know what to look for. Continue reading to learn 3 important questions to ask yourself before making a final decision on a car mechanic for your vehicle.

Auto Repair Service 317-475-1846

Auto Repair Service 317-475-1846

Are They ASE Certified Mechanics?

The most important credential to look for in an automotive shop is whether or not they employ ASE certified, licensed mechanics. On top of ASE certification, you must also ask yourself about their length of experience. Certification and experience are the two key components that make a mechanic proficient in automotive service and repair. If they have both, you are on course.

Do They Provide Written Estimates?

You want to make sure the automotive shop provides written estimate, whether free or not. By providing written estimates, clients can feel comfortable going through all the charges and fees for a clear and concrete understanding of their final bill. And then they will sign the estimate before the shop moves forward with any work. This offer shows that an auto repair shop is not in the practice of tacking on hidden or extra service charges at the last minute. You will pay what you signed for in the beginning.

What Do Their Clientele Have to Say?

A great way to determine what to expect from an automotive shop is to read past customer reviews. Be sure to read the most recent ones first for a more accurate understanding of their current service. Customer reviews will reveal personal experiences, painting you a picture of how they do business with their clients.

Indianapolis Auto Repair You Can Trust!

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for superior Indianapolis auto repair you can trust. We are ASE certified mechanics with more than 20 years of experience. We provide a wide range of factory schedule maintenance and repairs for all make and model vehicles, with major engine work being our specialty. Foreign or domestic, old or new, we will provide effective and affordable auto service solutions in a convenient time frame. Call 317-475-1846 to schedule an appointment to get a free written estimate, today.

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Where Can I Find My Car’s Service Maintenance Schedule?

If you are looking for a car service maintenance schedule for a particular make and model vehicle, you shouldn’t have much trouble. That is because finding one is easy to do! In fact, they can usually be found in your vehicles owner’s manual.

But sometimes, that tiny little book goes missing after so many years. But not to worry since replacing it is inexpensive and simple. Most often, it’s even free! Continue reading to learn where to find a replacement service maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Owner’s Manuals

As mentioned, the first place to look for your vehicle service maintenance schedule is the owner’s manual. Generally, this comes with the paperwork when you purchase your car. In most of the time it’s located in the glove compartment, but it can also be located in the trunk, under a seat, or in a pouch behind a seat. If you didn’t purchase a car brand-new, the manual is usually in the glove compartment. If it’s not there, and it’s not anywhere else, simply move on to your other two options!


Virtually all car maintenance schedules are available online via PDF downloads. There are several websites you can visit that offer downloadable generic vehicular maintenance schedules; some are free and some are for a small fee. Just be sure to choose a secure website before paying for anything. Most often, the free downloads are just as good.


If the above two options fail you, simply visit a bookstore or library’s automotive section. Many local libraries actually carry car owner manuals, while bookstores are usually a guaranteed place to find information regarding your cars particular make and model. Depending on which publication you choose, prices will vary. Owner manuals can cost anywhere from $2 to $100 or more.

Local Mechanic

You may also be able to visit your local auto repair shop and get free information regarding your vehicles service maintenance schedule. Simply give your trusted mechanic a call and ask!

Indianapolis Auto Repair

Indianapolis Car Maintenance

Indianapolis Car Maintenance 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 when you need trusted Indianapolis car maintenance at an affordable price. We are ASE certified car mechanics with decades of experience in the automotive repair and service industry. We work on all make and model vehicles, providing everything from factory scheduled maintenance to major engine work and more. Call 317-475-1846 to request a free estimate for auto service in Indianapolis, Indiana today.

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State and Federal Regulations for Private Storage of Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel is used in diesel engines, which do not use high-voltage spark ignition (spark plugs) like gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas engines. Common motorized vehicles that operate on diesel include freight trucks, trains, boats, construction equipment, farm equipment, and some types of heavy machinery. Diesel fuel has many great qualities in comparison to standard gasoline or liquid petroleum. Not only does it contain between 20 and 30 percent more energy per gallon, it delivers a higher power density too, giving it more energy per volume.

With so many advantages of diesel fuel, it is no surprise that many non-commercial commodities have adopted the diesel engine design. Anyone can acquire a diesel-fueled commodities these days, such as boats and trucks. And this means that there is an increase in the private use of diesel fuel. But if you intend, or do, store diesel fuel on your private property, it is extremely important to learn the state and federal regulations for doing so. Continue reading for a closer look at a few of these regulations in order to protect yourself from the penalties for neglecting these legally-mandatory procedures. Talk to your local authorities for a complete outline of underground and above ground tank regulations.

Storing Diesel

The reason why there are limitations and requisites for the private storage of diesel fuel is because of the danger it can pose to both people and nature. Whether above or below ground, fuel evaporation and leaks can cause extreme environmental damage and put humans at risk of house fires, explosions, and more. As you know, fuel is highly-flammable. And storing large amounts can be very dangerous if the proper precaution are not taken.

Regulations and Restrictions

Failing to abide by the state and federal regulations for private diesel fuel storage can not only result in damage and bodily harm, it can result in large fines as well. There are several organizations that put strict, specific guidelines on the private storage of diesel, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Fire Prevention Agency, the U.S Department of Labor Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration, and many other state agencies.

EPA Underground Tank System Regulations:

You MUST notify federal, state, and local authorities if you own a tank holding more than 1100 gallons of diesel fuel.

You MUST NOT store a diesel tank in a place where fumes can accumulate.

You MUST fill out and submit a notification form to your implementing agency when installing an underground tank system (UTS).

Check out more regulations and information at https://www.epa.gov/ust.

EPA Above Ground Tank Regulations:

Tanks must be registered with the proper authorities.

Tanks MUST be at least 40 feet away from any homes or buildings.

Tanks MUST have a sticker that reads, “FLAMMABLE–KEEP FIRE AND FLAME AWAY.”

They MUST be faced in an East-to-West direction and painted white. This allows for minimal sun and heat absorption.

All tank problems MUST be reported to local authorities (i.e. leaks, corrosion, etc.).

Indianapolis Truck Repair

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto at 317-475-1846 for truck service and repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our ASE certified car mechanics provide service and repair for all make and model trucks, including diesel trucks. We also service cars, SUVs, foreign, domestic, and more. We offer economy-based prices and auto repair coupons too! Call 317-475-1846 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis truck repair, today.

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How to Detect Transmission Problems

Your transmission speaks up when it’s not feeling well. So when something is wrong, you will get the message. And since your transmission is among the most vital components in your vehicle, it is wise to listen. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you think to diagnose basic transmission malfunctions on your own. Continue reading to learn how to detect transmission problems in your car or truck, and what to do if you discover an issue.

Loud or Strange Noises

When your car is being verbal, it is best to pay attention. Different sounds can mean different things. In gear, strange sounds generally indicate manageable problems, like low fluids and dirty filters. If your vehicle is noisy in neutral (whining, clunking, and humming), then you may have serious mechanical problems like a worn reverse idle gear or worn gear teeth and bearings. Mechanical problems are likely to require part replacements, so it is important to take your vehicle into a licensed mechanic if you hear sounds like this when your gears are in neutral.


Whenever you see fluid leaking from your vehicle, you have reason to be alarmed. And it is critical to give it attention as soon as you are aware of any leak. Detecting a transmission fluid leak is easy since transmission fluid is red, translucent, and sweet-smelling. If you see a suspicious liquid with these characteristics, then it’s probably transmission fluid. In most cases, transmission fluid leaks are a result of a more serious issue so it is necessary to bring your car into an auto repair shop for professional service. If you check on your transmission fluid, and it is dark or smells burnt, it is time replace it with fresh fluid.

Burning Smell

When you can smell burnt transmission fluid, which smells a little sweet, it is a sign of overheating. One of the common causes for this is low transmission fluid, but it can be caused by other issues too, such as dirty filters or leak. This problem requires professional service from a licensed mechanic.

Check Engine Light

When your check engine light illuminates, it can mean a long list of things. And this can be frustrating. You must look for other clues to give you an indication of why it came on. Sometimes a simple open gas cap is the cause, while other times it can indicate something more serious. In terms of your transmission, the check engine light might come on if your vehicle’s computer picks up on some irregularities in the engine. An auto repair shop has the proper diagnostic equipment to identify the reason for your check engine light lighting up.

Indianapolis Transmission Repair

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto at 317-475-1846 for Indianapolis transmission repair you can trust. We are ASE certified car mechanics that have decades of experience servicing and repairing domestic and import vehicles. We are a full-service shop that offers a wide range of factory scheduled maintenance and repair, all at the most competitive prices in town. We also offer auto repair coupons! Call 317-475-1846 to request a free estimate for transmission service in Indianapolis, Indiana today.

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Consider the Gift of a Roadside Emergency Kit for New Drivers

With school back in season, your teenager is eager to put their brand-new drivers’ license to use, and say goodbye to carpools and school buses for good. But before handing those car keys over, there is one more gift to consider that will keep your teen safe and you at ease. We’re talking about a roadside emergency vehicle kit. With an emergency kit in your teen’s designated car, you can feel confident they won’t ever be stranded without any helpful supplies.

But roadside emergency kits can do far more for your teenager. They can also teach young drivers about preventative care, vehicle responsibility, and of course, driving safety. Continue reading to learn how to assemble the perfect roadside emergency vehicle kit, and where to find the best advice for vehicle maintenance.

Roadside Emergency Vehicle Kits

The best part about roadside emergency kits is that they are inexpensive and easy to assemble. All supplies can be found at any local automotive store for a reasonable price. You can customize your own kit, which means price will vary depending on the products you choose, or you can choose from a wide selection of pre-assembled roadside kits. Either choice is equally effective.

It is entirely up to you and the individual needs of your kid’s vehicle. For instance, if your teen’s car has old tires, it would be wise to include a spare, and parts to change a tire. And for those who live in climates where rain and precipitation is regular, it is wise to include extra windshield wiper fluid and spare blades. Simply choose a kit that includes everything you believe is relevant to your teen’s vehicle, climate, and driving habits.

Here are some recommendations for roadside emergency kits:

⚠ First Aid Kit
⚠ Portable USB Charger
⚠ Spare Tire
⚠ Car Jack
⚠ Jumper Cables
⚠ Tire Sealant
⚠ Automotive Fuses
⚠ Reflective Road Markers
⚠ Safety Flares
⚠ Distress Flags
⚠ Ice Scraper
⚠ Small Snow Shovel
⚠ Windshield Wiper Fluid
⚠ Flashlight w/Extra Batteries
⚠ Blanket
⚠ Whistle
⚠ Rain Poncho
⚠ Bottled Water
⚠ Non-Perishable Snacks
⚠ Emergency Road Manual
⚠ Leather Gloves
⚠ Duct Tape


Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for free advice about roadside emergency kits. We are ASE certified mechanics that provide a wide range of automotive services at the most competitive prices in town. When you need Indianapolis car maintenance, whether a simple oil change or complete tune-up, we are the experienced professionals to call. We also offer auto repair and service coupons! Contact us directly at 317-475-1846 to learn more about car maintenance services in
Indianapolis, IN today.

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August is Brake Safety Awareness Month!

Brake systems are one of the most important priorities in terms of driver and vehicular safety. Without properly-functioning car brakes, drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians are at risk of injury or death. For this reason, the Car Care Council has officially marked August as a month for brake safety awareness! Brake Safety Awareness month should be a time spent learning about how to improve the quality and performance of your brakes, and how to increase their longevity and durability.

Ask your trusted car mechanic for brake maintenance and safety advice. Otherwise, continue reading to learn about car brake service, repair, safety, and more!

Routine Brake Maintenance

As far as regular, recommended factory maintenance for brake systems, your trusted mechanic should have it covered. They can tell you exactly what your car needs by inspecting its condition and comparing it to your personal driving habits. You may also refer to your vehicle’s owners’ manual for factory suggestions.

Regular scheduled maintenance for car brakes include:

• Brake Inspections (Lights, hoses, lines, electrical, etc.)
• Brake Cleaning
• Brake Fluid Replenishment
• Vehicle Alignment
• Tire Rotation and Balance
• Brake Pad Replacement
• Brake Rotor Replacement
• Test Drive

Signs of Brake Problems

When you drive your vehicle, it is important to always stay alert to warning signs of brake failure or problems. For instance, if you hear a metal-on-metal screeching noise every time you press on the brakes, it could mean that your brake pads are worn and need replaced. You should take care of any brake problems at the first sign of trouble. Additional warning signs include scratching or squeaking noises, squealing brakes, hard-to-press brake pedals, loose brake pedals, slow braking, steering wheel pulling to one direction, burnt rubber smell, dashboard warning light, check engine light, and more. It is strongly encouraged to take your vehicle in for a professional inspection right away if your brakes experience any changes or irregularities.

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for brake repair and service in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are ASE certified car mechanics with over 30 years of experience. We service and repair all make and model vehicles, and at the most competitive prices in town! As a family owned and operated auto shop, you can trust us for honest and fair prices. But we also offer automotive service coupons and discounts for additional savings! Call 317-475-1846 to request a free estimate for car brake service in
Indianapolis, IN today.

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How to Check Your Car Tires for Wear and Tear

Without tires, our vehicles go nowhere. So we need to make sure we check them often. There are many reasons why you should periodically check the condition of your vehicle’s tires. But the most important ones have to do with safety, performance, and gas mileage. By ensuring your vehicle’s tires are in good condition, you are better ensuring your safety while out on the road, as well as, improving your vehicle’s gas mileage and performance. And all you really need is a penny and a few minutes to get this done! Continue reading to for a helpful guide to car tire inspection and care.

What to Look For

It is recommended to inspect the state of your vehicle’s tires at least every month, and always after driving through rugged terrain (i.e. off roads, gravel, construction zones, river rock, etc.). When doing so, you should be checking for three things:

1. Physical Wear and Tear
2. Tire Alignment
3. Tire Pressure

The Penny Test

What is commonly referred to as the “penny test” in the automotive service industry, is a simple and effective method of assessing a tire’s tread. And you really only need a penny to do it. Once you have your penny in hand, insert it into the groove of your tire. If you can see Lincoln’s head, it means the tread is low and it is time to replace your vehicle’s tires. It’s that easy!

Tire Inflation

If you check your tire tread and it’s in good shape, you are ready to examine the tire pressure. Proper tire pressure is important for a variety of reasons, mostly in terms of safety, but also for handling, traction, and fuel consumption. Low tire pressure will also cause tires to wear unevenly, needing them to be replaced sooner. So it is vital to catch low tire pressure early on and correct it as soon as possible. Use a tire pressure gauge to measure the pressure in your vehicle’s tires. You can purchase this tool for a few dollars at any automotive or hardware store. Check your vehicle’s owners’ manual for instructions on how to check tire pressure, or call your local auto repair shop for free advice. And don’t forget to check your spare tire too!

Tire Alignment

Once you have checked your tire pressure, you need to check the alignment. Test drive your car, and look for signs of shaking or pulling to one side. These are signs of alignment issues, in which case, you’ll need to visit your local mechanic for auto alignment services. While you are there, they will also balance and rotate your tires, which is a critical part of tire care.

Northeast Auto Service

Indianapolis Car Maintenance

Indianapolis Car Maintenance 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 when you need fast and affordable car maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana. We service all make and model cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, foreign and domestic. And as a family owned and operated auto repair shop, we are committed to offering the most competitive prices in town! You can choose from our selection of auto repair coupons for additional savings too! Call 317-475-1846 for a free estimate, or for information about our Indianapolis
auto repair services

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Is It Safe to Drive My Car?

When you are aware that there are mechanical issues with your vehicle, you may worry if it’s safe to drive. Many people cannot get to a mechanic right away due to pre-scheduled priorities, like work, school, and daycare. So this question is a common one among today’s drivers with a busy schedule. Although some automotive problems can be put to the side for a few days, like oil changes and windshield wiper fluid refills, there are others that can’t be ignored for even a minute; that is, if you still want to drive.

Automotive Repair

Every component on a vehicle serves a purpose, whether aesthetically or functionally. Internally, the components in your car or truck play a vital role in the “safeness” and reliability of its operation. For this reason, most mechanical issues should be dealt with immediately, either on the spot or the morning after.

With that being said, there are certain mechanical issues that should allow you to transport your vehicle to a local automotive repair shop, safely. But there are others that will require a tow truck service to avoid putting yourself and others in harm’s way. For instance, if your vehicle requires tire rotation and balancing service or windshield wiper replacement, you are safe to drive to the mechanic for professional assistance. However, if you have an overheating car engine, or damaged exhaust, a call to the towing company is necessary.

Here are some more examples of when it is safe to drive to the mechanic, and when it is not:

Safe to Drive…

• Oil Changes
• Tire Rotation and Balancing
• Air Conditioning Repair
• Automatic Window Repair
• Door Lock Repair
• Alarms
• Cruise Control
• Lights
• Strange Sounds
• Alignment Work
• And More

Not Safe to Drive…

• Brake Repair
• Major Engine Work
• Radiator Repair
• Exhaust/Muffler Repairs
• Transmission Repair
• Fuel Injector Repair
• Fuel System Repairs
• Fuel Tank Repairs
• Blown Tires
• And More

Always Consult Your Mechanic

The extent of your vehicle’s mechanical problems can range in severity, so there may be special circumstances that will allow you to safely drive to your mechanic even if your problem is listed under “not safe” above. Ultimately, in order to know if your vehicle is safe to drive, contact your local automotive repair shop and speak with an ASE licensed mechanic that can assess your vehicle’s potential damage and offer professional advice on whether or not you can drive it to them.

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service

Northeast Auto Service 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for answers to your car repair questions. We are ASE licensed and experienced car mechanics that offer a wide range of repair and maintenance for all make and model vehicles in Indianapolis, IN. If you are unsure if your car is safe to drive, just give us a call and we’ll give you a professional opinion you can trust! Our rates are the most competitive in town, but we also offer auto repair coupons for additional savings! Call 317-475-1846 for auto repair
and service in Indianapolis
, today.

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The 4 Types of Eco-Friendly Cars

In today’s generation, the motivation to preserve, reuse, and recycle is at its highest. And for very good reason. Conserving energy, fuel, and Earth’s natural resources is in the best interests of our environment, and the future of mankind.

One of the newest “eco-initiatives” is happening in the automotive industry. Automakers from across the globe are finding new ways to make cars more efficient and eco-friendly. There are four primary types of eco-friendly vehicles available on the market today. Continue reading to learn more about these cars, and what they have to offer in terms of green-living.

Eco-Friendly Driving

Owning and driving an eco-friendly car comes with several benefits. Not only are they less expensive than standard model vehicles, they are more fuel-efficient since they do not operate on fuel alone, which offers both financial and environmental incentives. And many even come with tax rebates. There are four different types of eco-friendly vehicles bought and sold on the automotive market: 1) Hybrid, 2) Electric, 3) Diesel, and 4) Biodiesel vehicle. Each type encompasses their own individual benefits.

Hybrid Cars

We start with Hybrid vehicles because they are among the most popular and driven eco-friendly cars in the country. They are most known for their ability to partially run on electricity, which saves on fuel costs. And they also don’t idle, saving even more fuel and energy. But they also reduce toxic emissions by releasing less exhaust into the environment.

Drivers are enthusiastic about the torque quality as well, and love how their cars deliver instant acceleration. Hybrid cars generally come with tax rebates, so be sure to ask your tax associate about your recent Hybrid car purchase to get a generous write-off. Hybrid cars are being improved upon year after year, and a great option for eco-friendly driving.

Electric Cars

Electric cars offer the same benefits and incentives as Hybrid vehicles, but still retain their own individual features. In contrast to hybrids, electric cars run solely on electricity, and do not use any fuel at all. Instead of filling up the gas tank, electric car drivers have to charge their vehicles to full power. Charging is simple, and electric cars self-charge every time the driver accelerates. But charging stations must also be installed at home for full-charging capabilities.

Diesel Cars

The oldest of all the eco-friendly cars, diesel-powered vehicles have been around for a long time. Before, diesel fuel was challenging, but with modern advancements, diesel fuel is now an eco-friendly option. Diesel-powered cars use less fuel than gasoline-powered vehicles. This means diesel goes a lot further than standard gasoline, and is up to 20% more efficient in comparison. These cars also have quality engines that require less maintenance, and tend to last much longer.

Biodiesel Cars

Very similar to diesel-powered vehicles, biodiesel cars provide fuel and energy-efficient incentives. The major difference is that biodiesel is man-made, and burns much cleaner. Not only does this make biodiesel easy to manufacture, it also makes it safer for the environment.

Popular Eco-Friendly Vehicles:

• Ford C Max – Hybrid
• Toyota Camry – Hybrid
• Ford Focus – Electric
• Tesla Model S – Electric
• Fiat 5e – Electric
• Chevy Volt – Electric
• Jeep Grand Cherokee – Diesel
• BMW Series 3 – Diesel
• Chevy Cruze – Biodiesel
• Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC – Biodiesel

Northeast Auto Service

Auto Repair Coupons Indianapolis IN 317-475-1846

Auto Repair Indianapolis 317-475-1846

Call Northeast Auto Service at 317-475-1846 for ASE-licensed diesel engine repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of honesty and integrity, which is why we offer top-quality automotive repair and service at the most economical prices in town. Our experienced automotive technicians provide a wide range of car repair services, including engine service and repair, engine work, and more. Call 317-475-1846 for trusted car engine
in Indianapolis, IN today.

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