How to Make Your Own Hanging Car Air Freshener

Hanging a new car air freshener on your rear-view mirror is a great feeling, and you get some pleasurable aroma therapy. But just as soon as you open your new scented ornament, the clock starts ticking down to the moment you need to replace it with a new one. Rather than continuing the cycle of tossing out old air fresheners and buying new ones, you can simply make your own with a few humble supplies. With your own car air freshener, all you have to do is reapply your fragrance to revitalize that pleasurable aroma therapy and fresh smell!

Continue reading to learn what you need to get started!

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What You Will Need:

✅ Thin Wooden Ornament of Your Choice Scented
✅ Essential Oil of Your Choice
✅ Small Glass Dish
✅ Small Paintbrush
✅ Small Sealable Plastic Bag (i.e. Ziplock®)
✅ Small Drill or a Thick Nail and Hammer
✅ Old Towel or Napkins
✅ Twine

Notes: When shopping at your local crafts section, opt for a wooden ornament that already has a string attached for hanging. Otherwise, you will need to also purchase some twine, and drill a hole (or hammer a hole) through the top of the ornament so that you may loop the twine string through the hole and create a hoop for hanging.

Trick: Rather than buying a new wooden ornament to fragrance, you can use an old car air fresher (like the tree-shaped ones) instead!


➀ After you make your hole and attach the twine for hanging, you are ready to take the next step in the process of making your own car air freshener! Here is what to do:

➁ Lay out an old towel or spread out some napkins for a safe work surface.

➂ Pour your essential oil into a small glass dish.

➃ Dip your paintbrush into the dish of essential oil and then “paint” the surface of the wooden ornament. Generously cover the entire top surface and the sides, then flip it over and paint the back side.

➄ Once you have painted all sides of the ornament, place it inside a re-sealable plastic bag and allow it to absorb all the oils overnight.

➅ The next day, hang your car air freshener in your vehicle and hit the road happy!

RE-APPLICATIONS: After a few weeks, you can freshen up your homemade car air freshener by simply dabbing it with a cotton swab with more essential oil. If you like, you can change up the scents, or combine them to create new ones

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