How to Clean Your Car with Rain

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Auto Repair Service 317-475-1846

It may surprise you to learn that your vehicle will perform better and last longer if you do your part to keep it clean. Just like your home, a clean car is a happy car! Neglecting to wash your car will add up year after year, and form a thick layer of sediment and contaminants on the surface of your vehicle. Overtime, this can turn into rust, and eventually, cause corrosion. And this type of damage greatly reduces your vehicle’s value, making it harder to sell down the road.

Keeping your vehicle’s surface clean is clearly important, but it is easy to come up with excuses to not have the time to actually get it done. Fortunately, there is a simpler, and more natural way to wash your car, without visiting the local automatic car wash, and without spending hours outside scrubbing and rinsing it clean. Continue reading to learn a simple and efficient method for washing your car using rain!

What You’ll Need

☔ Large Soft Sponge
☔ Car Washing Soap
☔ Bucket

Getting Started

Rain is naturally soft, meaning it is free of hard minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. Soft water is great for our hair, skin, dishes, laundry, and plumbing, and for the same reasons, it’s great for our vehicles too! And coupled with the force of a powerful rain storm, it can easily clean the outer layer of sediment, bugs, and pollen on your car. Here’s how to get started:

💦 Check the weather to see when you can expect a rain storm. Even a light sprinkle can bring some shine back to your car!

💦 When the storm is approaching, change into something you don’t mind getting wet, and possible soapy.

💦 Next, apply your car washing product (or mild liquid dish soap) directly to your vehicle. Do this around the entire vehicle.

Note: If you really want a natural approach, use a biodegradable, phosphate-free car soap, or, make your own recipe by combining clean water with a phosphate-free dish liquid, such as Dawn® Pure Essentials Ultra, Free & Gentle dish soap.

💦 Then, fill your bucket with clean water. Then dip your large sponge in the water, ensuring it is completely soaked through.

💦 Begin wiping down all outer areas of your vehicle (including the wheels and tires) with your wet sponge to spread the soap out evenly.

💦 Then just wait for the rain to rinse all the suds away!

💦 Check your vehicle in the morning to be sure the rain was powerful enough to thoroughly rinse the soap away. If there is leftover residue, simply rinse with a hose or bucket of water.

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