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Car Maintenance 317-475-1846

Car Maintenance 317-475-1846

Our tires are one of the most important components on our vehicles. Without proper tire maintenance, you can risk damaging several other areas of your car or truck, as well as, reduce its overall performance value. Three aspects are most important when it comes to the tires on your car or truck: matching the proper tire-type to your particular vehicle, purchasing high-quality tires, and regular tire maintenance. If you meet these three standards for tires, then you are in good shape! If not, you need to get started learning about tire maintenance and care.

Until then, review some frequently asked questions regarding topics like tire pressure, tire load, and more.

What is a Tire Tread Rating?How Do I Do the Tire Tread Penny Trick?

This is a trick to test tire tread depth. Almost all states have a mandatory minimum for tire tread depth. In Indiana, this tire tread depth minimum is 2/32 of an inch for passenger car tires. This is measured from the top of the tire tread indicator, down to the top of the tread. You can use a penny to test this because the lettering over Abe Lincoln’s head on a penny measures out to exactly 2/32 of an inch tall! Fascinating isn’t it? If you can see the letters, your tread is too low!

Does Front and Back Tire Tread Have to Match?

Tire manufacturers design the particular tread pattern on tires. The science behind tread patterns is that it is supposed to enhance traction, channel mud, water, and snow away, and more. These tread patterns, can however, create a condition known as “tread steer” which causes the grooves to catch areas of the road that are irregular. This is not an issue if both the front and rear tires have different tread patterns. It is only a problem is tires on the same axel have different tread patterns.

How Do I Calculate Tire Load?

Tire loads are measured in ratings, and expressed in alpha-numeric or alpha characters. There are two parts to a tire load rating, a front and back, both defining how much weight your tires can safely manage when properly mounted and inflated. Tire load ratings will vary depending on the vehicle you drive. To calculate your tire load rating, you need to have your vehicle weighed, and then you will need to compensate for weight distribution. For many vehicles, this is 70-30, front to rear.

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