Car Radiator Repair and Maintenance

Car radiators are an important component to anything fueled by an engine. Before you can learn about the areas of car radiator repair and maintenance, you must first understand what a car radiator is. A car radiator is a unit on a car that is made of metal. They can be made from a variety of metals, but most are manufactured in aluminum because it is lighter in weight and dissipates heat more evenly.

A radiator uses thermal heat exchange to remove heat from a running engine, and transfer it outside the vehicle. This process requires a liquid as well, called antifreeze. The antifreeze, or coolant, is passed through the engine to cool it off, and then transferred back to the radiator to be instantly cooled again. This entire process alleviates the situation of an over-heated car by constantly repeating itself as the car engine runs.

As you can already tell, there can be some complications if this process is interrupted or not implemented. Read on to learn important points on car radiator repair and maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Car Radiator Problems

Like all mechanical things, car radiators can have issues in many forms. For example, if the fan belt breaks, the coolant cannot be pumped through the engine block to cool it off. Also, it the coolant tubing is busted, it can create harmful leaks within the engine and car. Other problems can have a DIY solution, such as being out of coolant and replacing the antifreeze.

In most cases, if any leaks or damages occur to your radiator system, it is advised to get them repaired right away. Otherwise, it can cause a significant amount of damage to the engine and other areas of the vehicle. Never run an engine without coolant in the vehicle! If the part cannot be repaired, you will need to buy a new radiator or part. Be sure to order through a trusted parts distributor.

For more information about car radiators, call Northeast Auto Service in Indianapolis, IN. We are professional ASE certified mechanics with decades of experience in the automotive repair and service industry. Call us today at 317-475-1846 for a free estimate, or visit our Car Radiator webpage at anytime, day or night!

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